Bobby Jindal won first CNN debate, Carly and Rubio win second CNN debate


CNN Debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
CNN Debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

First of all, if you missed the two debates on CNN on Wednesday night, you missed two great political debates. Hugh Hewitt asked great questions of the candidates. Jake Tapper and Dana Bash were slightly biased against Republicans. Really both debates were so good, and a million times better than the two Fox News debates. There were no gotcha questions, there were plenty of issue-focused exchanges between the candidate.

First debate:

Here’s an exchange between Jindal and Graham:

Jindal: “If we can’t defund Planned Parenthood… It is time to be done with the Republican Party.”

JIndal on Trump and Obama:

Jindal: “He’s declared war on trans fats, and a truce with Iran. Think about that – he’s more worried about Twinkies than he is about the Ayatollahs having a nuclear weapon!”

Jindal on the refugee crisis and illegal immigration:

Jindal: “Simply allowing more people into this country doesn’t solve this problem.”

Jindal on radical Islam, and discrimination against Christians in America:

Jindal: “In America … right now, the biggest discrimination going on is against Christian business owners and individuals who believe in traditional forms of marriage.”

Here are my ratings, candidates in red are the ones I support.

First debate grades:

  • Bobby Jindal: A-
  • Lindsay Graham: B+
  • Rick Santorum: C
  • George Pataki: D

Jindal went after Trump hard, but didn’t talk enough about policy and his own record. LIndsay Graham was solid on foreign policy. He is far too liberal on fiscal issues and social issues, and especially on illegal immigration. Graham is one of the most establishment RINOs in the Senate. It was fun watching Jindal take him on. Jindal is still my favorite candidate, and I hope he gets a bump in the polls from his debate performance.

Second debate:

Carly Fiorina on Planned Parenthood:

Marco Rubio on foreign policy:

If you watch only one clip, watch this one – Rubio and Christie on global warming:

Ted Cruz on illegal immigration:

Scott Walker on minimum wage, jobs and Obamacare:

Second debate grades:

  • Carly Fiorina: A
  • Marco Rubio: A
  • Chris Christie: B+
  • Ted Cruz: B
  • Scott Walker: B-
  • Ben Carson: C+
  • Jeb Bush: C+
  • Rand Paul: C
  • Mike Huckabee: C
  • John Kasich: D
  • Donald Trump: F

Fiorina solid on the facts, but took a few hits on her record at Hewlett Packard, which was not good. She is much too liberal and inexperienced for me, but she talks about these issues very seriously. I am more conservative than she is on abortion, marriage, religious liberty, criminal justice, and many other issues. She has no record of achievement as a governor, either. Marco Rubio is amazing at foreign policy, and knocked a question on global warming out of the park. I love to see a Republican explain the global warming issue so that people understand what is at stake. Rand Paul made some great points about federalism, which I think was valuable in explain conservative principles to the CNN audience.

I’m glad to see that Erick Erickson of the grassroots site Red State agrees with me on the winner of the first debate, and the winners of the second debate.

For a good review of the second debate, here’s something from The Weekly Standard and a new episode of the The Weekly Standard podcast, as well.

My top 4 candidates are still Jindal, Walker, Cruz, Rubio.

5 thoughts on “Bobby Jindal won first CNN debate, Carly and Rubio win second CNN debate”

  1. Gov Jindal was excellent. My sentiments exactly WK. My take on Carly? She took some hits about HP, as she should have. She did a terrible job of running HP. These are facts. Private helicopter pad at the main campus for her. Within a few months of her being at the helm, she restructured the company a la Jack Welch causing more harm than good. She spent WAY too much to acquire Compaq computers……and she had ZERO business to begin with being put in that position. Since her tenure at HP she has tried for the Senate in California, and now she wants to be president. Some of her ideas may be “conservative” or traditionally “republican” in theory but in practice she has no business being on that podium or running for president.


    1. I agree. People are being swayed by how she speaks during the debate, but I only trust people who have a record of actual achievements. She might make a nice VP if she is open to that, but we need someone experienced at the top.


  2. I found it fascinating that the only one who seriously went after Planned Parenthood and who was the only one who invoked the Name of God was Fiorina. She clobbered the opposition and was the only “Reagan” there last night. She also went after Clinton and Obama – direct challenge on PP. Rubio did great too, but until the “Christians” step up and get serious, I will vote Fiorina. Better a non-Christian who will fight than a “Christian” who will fold. I saw a lot of folding last night. Would LOVE to see Fiorina versus Hillary debate.

    My God, for awhile, Republicans were fighting over who was the biggest pacifist! Only Fiorina showed she has guts.


    1. Guts she has, but a conservative she is not. She has no more of a record of conservative activism than Trump. There is nothing in her record to show that she is a pro-life activist, a pro-marriage activist, or that she is in any way, shape or form a serious Christian. She has been AWOL on the fights over abortion and marriage. I worry about people who are swayed by rhetoric and charisma. Words are not as good as costly actions. She has command of the facts and will be awesome in a debate against Hillary, but I just worry that she is a Romney or a McCain. I don’t have evidence that she would push the issues that we care about.


      1. Well, she is a fighter, and the men on that stage are “women.” (And I do not mean just Paul and Bush and Kasich.) Furthermore, she has nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by falsely invoking God and pretending to take on PP and Hillary and Obama without meaning it. Those are not politically correct positions, and at least she is speaking out on them, forcefully, I might add, while the so-called “Christians” in the debate fight over who is the biggest pacifist. The liberal media is scared to death of her, and when she appears on their interviews, she crushes them, instead of kissing up to them like the others. I like that.

        To be fair, Trump is taking positions that are not politically correct, but he is not taking on Big Abortion like she is. Plus, he has no knowledge or facts. But, I can see us getting another “conservative Christian” in the White House who folds to the Democrats and appoints liberals to the Supreme Court. This woman does not seem to be the type of individual who cares if people like her or hate her. In that sense, she is like Thatcher. She is not out to win popularity contests.

        I like that. I like fighters, and I like winners, and I like people who will say “Kiss my butt” when liberals scream and moan and cry and throw themselves on the floor kicking their feet about how she is killing children by cutting out welfare. She won the first debate outright in the 5 pm slot, and she crushed the opposition last night. She is quick on her feet, has a great command of the facts (how about those battalion facts?!?), and can forcefully present them in debate format – kind of like a well-known Christian philosopher we both love. :-) And she is serious about winning, when the rest of the “boys” look like they are out there for a photo op. They might as well be wearing dresses. :-)

        But, I do not wish to appear dogmatic on this. :-)


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