Hillary Clinton walks out of press conference when questioned about e-mail server

What difference does national security make?
What difference does national security make?

This is from The Hill.


Hillary Clinton dismissed the controversy surrounding her private email server and defended her conduct as legal during a press conference Tuesday in Las Vegas.

A visibly aggravated Clinton repeatedly insisted that she had done nothing wrong and seemed frustrated by questions about the issue.

[…]Asked if the server, which has been turned over to the Department of Justice, had been wiped clean, Clinton initially shrugged and later joked: “Like with a cloth or something?”

“I don’t know how it works digitally at all,” she added.

With a cloth or something? That’s the contempt she has for those who try to get the truth and hold her accountable. That’s what she would be like as President – “how dare you judge me, peasants?”

Although Clinton said that no material on her e-mail server was classified… well, let the Washington Times explain:

More than 300 of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails — or 5.1 percent of those processed so far — have been flagged for potential secret information, the State Department reported to a federal court Monday as the political furor continued to grow for the Democratic presidential candidate and her aides.

[…]Mrs. Clinton has insisted that she never sent any classified information from her account at all and that none of the messages she received had information that was marked classified at the time — though some of it has since been designated.

[…]Internal watchdogs have contradicted Mrs. Clinton’s account, saying messages clearly contained classified information, even if it wasn’t marked as such, and should have been kept more secure than on her own server.

These are the e-mails that Clinton insists are her “personal business”. You know, recipes, Yoga, pictures of Chelsea’s weddings… nothing classified. Move along, nothing to see here.

The UK Daily Mail got a world exclusive scoop yesterday. Doing the journalism that the left-wing United States media won’t do.


The IT company Hilary Clinton chose to maintain her private email account was run from a loft apartment and its servers were housed in the bathroom closet, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

Daily Mail Online tracked down ex-employees of Platte River Networks in Denver, Colorado, who revealed the outfit’s strong links to the Democratic Party but expressed shock that the 2016 presidential candidate chose the small private company for such a sensitive job.

[…]It will be the small scale of the firm and its own home-made arrangements which will raise the most significant questions over security and over what checks Clinton’s aides made about how suitable it was for dealing with what new transpires to be classified material.

The article says that the firm did not even have an alarm.

So… the entire national security of the nation… was being managed by a company that ran out of a loft apartment… with servers in a bathroom closet? That’s really secure and great disaster recovery, too.  Is that a good way to safeguard national security secrets? There is a reason why government employees have to use secure servers that are disaster-resistant, encrypted, and so on. This was not a casual mistake by Clinton – she went out of her way to make sure that what she wrote in her e-mails would never be discovered and used against her.

A former CIA analyst explains what should happen to her in the Washington Examiner:

If Hillary Clinton allowed classified information onto her private server or personal phone, she should be disqualified from becoming president, former CIA spy Bob Baer said Saturday.

Baer, a former CIA officer and commentator on national security issues, said that sending or receiving top secret information is a “transgression that I don’t think the president of the United States should be allowed to have committed.”

In an interview with CNN International, Baer claimed that the markings on emails believed to have crossed the private server Clinton maintained as secretary of state represented the highest levels of secrecy in the government.

“You don’t get any more secret than that,” he said.

“Even Snowden didn’t get into that,” Baer said. “If this in fact was on a private server, you and I would get fired and possibly jailed. This could be a felony.”

Baer said that when he was on assignment, he wasn’t allowed to receive messages at that level of classification, and that putting it on a private server or handheld device was a major mistake.

“If this was on her server and it got into her smartphone, there’s a big problem there,” he claimed. “Seriously, if I had sent a document like this over the open Internet, I’d get fired the same day — escorted to the door, and gone for good, and probably charged with mishandling classified information.”

She’s running for the White House, but her lousy judgment could land her in the Big House. Unforgiveable.

8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton walks out of press conference when questioned about e-mail server”

  1. If you listen to the professional politician language you’ll hear her say, “I did not send or receive anything that was LABELLED classified…” Of course not that happens afterward, but the question was did you delete them after they had been labelled?

    I hope she disappears faster than her SnaP-CHaTs (emphasis on over articulation)


  2. If she doesn’t understand how to use computers and what the term ‘wiped clean’ means, she is incompetent and shouldn’t be running for president. That simple. Why don’t these reporters actually stick to their guns.

    Hit them where it hurts!


    1. She doesn’t know how to do anything, as far as I can tell. She just married Bill Clinton, and then didn’t divorce him when he cheated on her, repeatedly. Seems to be her sole qualification.


  3. WK, I completely agree that HRC should be indicted on felony charges and at the very least put on probation or serve time at Leavenworth rendering her ineligible to run for President of these United States.

    So here’s the problem…
    We God-fearing conservatives can only wish for HRC to be properly held accountable by our justice system to all our hearts content but with the Dems in charge of the White House that is never going to happen. I see the worst case scenario as some staffer who “put together/managed” the server will take the fall, getting HRC off scot-free OR our best case scenario is for Attorney General Lynch to indict HRC.

    Here’s the real kicker though, if HRC is actually indicted on felony charges you’ll see these two words all over the media:


    POTUS will drop the pardon threat making it even more difficult for the Justice Department to find HRC guilty of a felony or let’s say HRC is found guilty of a felony, POTUS will simply pardon her. After the pardon, HRC’s criminal record is fully expunge and still eligible to run for president.

    In the end, your average low info voter and registered Independents will grow tired of the constant media barrage of this email scandal, like they grew tired of Whitewater, Benghazi, IRS, Monica-Gate, Fast & Furious, and any other Democratic “-gate” scandal. They simply are not interested. Look at how the Planned Parenthood scandal has faded even as more gut-wrenching videos come out. We Conservatives are completely disgusted by these Democratic scandals but alas, we are even MORE frustrated by the Republicans we elected who have failed to truly hold any Dem accountable which brings us to “The Donald”.

    I love how Trump has truly energized all genres of the Republican base by capitalizing on our anger towards Boehner and McConnell’s failure to be real leaders and overrun the Senate 60 vote filibuster by using a government shut down as real negotiating leverage. Trump has “forced” the other Republican candidates to be even more direct about their true conservative beliefs. This is a very good thing.

    My problem is that I personally do not trust Trump based on his record over the past 35 years. I like what he says, but I don’t believe he will implement any of his proposed “conservative plan”. I believe if he were ever to get into the White House, (mathematically it will never happen, which I explain below) he would only put forth policies that would only support his business interests, to heck with Conservatives.

    Our #1 concern should be to influence low info voters/ Independent’s to support a true conservative Republican nominee BUT the HUGE challenge is that the low info voters DO NOT THINK LIKE US, at all, and right now we have not shot of getting to 270 electoral votes (ev’s). Unfortunately most low info voters/independents have few morals, support big government and feminist principles and simply ignore foreign policy.

    Currently most polling firms hold that 249 ev’s across 17 states/D.C. are solidly/leaning in the Dem’s hand regardless of who the nominee is and on the Republican side, we have only191 solid ev’s across 23 states.

    Note that for every single presidential election since 1992, 10 states have voted Dem for a total of 152 ev’s and since 1988, 9 states voted Dem for a total of 90 ev’s. What this means, come 2016, for the past 24 years/6 presidential elections the Dems won 19 states/ 242 ev’s.

    Toss in Florida’s 29 ev’s for the Dems or any other states totaling 28 ev’s, we’re now at 271/270 and Bill Clinton is FIRST DUDE.

    If we conservatives have any shot at getting to 270 ev’s, we have no choice but to convince low info voters/independents why our values and policies are better for America with concrete data, which WK does very well on his blog. The problem is low info voters, independent’s don’t read this blog, or any other conservative blog, or read the Drudge Report, Blaze, Red State, listen to Hugh Hewitt, Levin, Pager, or watch Fox News all day, etc. The people who participate in these conservative media outlets are already on our side and “should” vote Republican. Key word “should”.
    Errrr! Sorry Mitt.

    The solution is we have to have a Conservative candidate that can clearly explain what we are FOR and not what we are against. If we keep yelling EMAIL, EMAIL, EMAIL SCANDAL or BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI. or say Illegal Mexican Immigrants are rapists, murderers & thieves and continue to insult Women and Latinos then we can expect to see Bill and Hillary being cheered on by 30,00 mindless Democrats at Riverfront Park in Little Rock, Arkansas on the evening of Tuesday, Nov 1, 2016.

    AND then watch liberal justices Breyer (70) and Ginsburg (79) be replaced by even more liberal justices.
    or even worse Conservative Scalia’s (74) or Centrist Kennedy’s (74) health could sour and then they’re also replaced by liberal justices and you can kiss any Conservative Supreme Court case victory good bye for the next 25 years. Hello more big government, sayonara state’s rights and adios religious freedom.

    Do not be fooled by the Trump’s surge and Hillary’s poll slump. We are not even close to securing a Conservative victory. The odds are NOT in our favor. We have to educate and convince low info voters/moderates our way is better in order to shift the odds.

    I digress…Where’s the Tylenol?


  4. Against the backdrop of this appalling demonstration of hubris and corruption by Hillary Clinton (throw in Benghazi, “We’ll get the guy who made that video”, and “What difference does it make?”), I look at her resume: First Lady of Arkansas, then USA (husband’s achievements), one-and-a-half-term US Senator, and disastrous Secretary of State—and I have to ASK: “President” Hillary Clinton? WHY?!?!


  5. Ken, I agree with you a 100% but like Romney said, 47% of Americans will vote for the democratic presidential nominee regardless of whether it’s HRC, Biden, Warren, O’Malley, a lamp shade or bird seed and since a majority of Americas live in historically blue states, 47% is almost all you need to get to 270 electoral votes and VOILA, we got 4 years of that cackle laugh and irreversible damage to this country from Billarly’s policies.

    The key is how do we bring this 47% over to conservatism when their only source for news is the Daily Show, Entertainment Tonight, Sports Center and their liberal coworkers?. They’re not going to receive info from how conservative policies are better for America from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC.

    Let’s take a look at Monday’s evening news avg ratings.
    ABC: 7.7 million
    CBS: 6.4 million
    NBC:7.9 million
    CNN: 535,000
    MSNBC: 761,000
    Total main stream media viewers for 8/17/15: 23.2 million

    Avg Fox news evening viewers for 8/17/15: 2.3 million

    So the folks we need to bring over to our side are getting their liberal television news on a much grander scale than conservative television news outlets.

    The million dollar question is how do we get these 47% to vote for Republican candidates in the 2016 election when they only respond to 15 second sound bytes, inaccurate Facebook posts and Buzzfeed listicles? This is huge mountain we have to climb and the future of America depends on it.

    What do you think we should do WK?


  6. I offer an analogy. Remember when Michael Jackson freaked out the world by dangling his baby over the balcony? Anybody today objecting to the sheer fact of Hillary Clinton’s flouting every standard of security protocol just so she could maintain her privileged Clinton Secrecy and pre-empt the transparency that might prove inconvenient to her presidential campaign (look how well that’s gone)–I repeat, anyone objecting on that fundamental basis (let alone what concrete criminal violations may be involved) is like somebody screaming at Jackson to “pull the baby back in from the balcony, you fool!” While those who are spouting vapid justifications of Clinton’s behavior based on specious digressions (“she didn’t know what would be classified or not; she turned over the documents…that she considered relevant; Jeb Bush had a private server…”)–I repeat, those spouting such cynical and specious digressions are like people looking at Jackson-the-baby-dangler and sneering dismissively, “Oh come on, what’s the big deal? He didn’t drop the baby….”


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