Navy chaplain removed from unit for teaching Biblical views on sex and marriage

This is from the Daily Signal.


A former Marine and current Navy chaplain has been removed from his unit after sharing the teachings of his faith tradition in private, pastoral settings.

Lt. Cmdr. Wes Modder, a chaplain at the Base Chapel Naval Weapons Station at Joint Base in South Carolina, is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God.

According to his legal team, a “handful” of individuals complained about his views on issues like atheism, homosexuality and sexual relationships outside of marriage.

According to Military Times, after the complaints, Modder’s commanding officer wrote in a “detachment for cause” letter that states Modder is “unable to function in the diverse and pluralistic environment” of the United States Navy.

It’s such a diverse environment that if you disagree with the secular leftist view of sex and marriage, then you can’t say anything. And we are paying taxes to pay for these people to violate the basic human rights of Christian employees. It’s not just happening to Christian business owners who refuse to celebrate gay marriage, now. It’s just regular Christians workers, too.


His commanding officer has requested that Modder be removed from the promotion list (despite his ranking as “Early Promote,” the highest rating), separated from his unit, and brought before a Board of Inquiry.

The same commanding officer previously wrote in Modder’s fitness report in October of 2014 that Modder was the “best of the best” and recommended him for promotion.

The board could force Modder, who previously served as a Marine in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, out of the Navy. His case is currently under review.

I thought this was useful to see what pressures authentic Christians face as they try to earn the money they ned to provide for their families in an increasingly secular environment:

Mike Berry, the senior counsel and director of military affairs at the Liberty Institute, is handing Modder’s case.

[…]“He’s in a catch-22 between his faith and his career,” said Berry.

Berry said that Modder offered everyone who sought his guidance a “disclaimer” that he was speaking to them as an ordained Christian minister, stressing that Modder offered “spiritual advice” and “Biblical truth” according to his faith tradition in “private” sessions, not merely “unsolicited opinions.”

But after the complaints of a “handful” of individuals, Modder’s future in the Navy is in jeopardy.

[…]Modder is also approaching his 20-year anniversary of military service. If his case is not resolved by Sept. 1, his pension and retirement benefits could also be in jeopardy.

Seems like he was very careful, but that did not protect him from the complaints of a handful of individuals who wanted to get rid of him for disagreeing with them. And of course Modder’s commanding officer has to deal harshly with him, or he will not be promoted. This is the new secular Inquisition.

Now, try to think with me about how many people are teaching their views on sex and marriage, and using taxpayer dollars to do it. Public school teachers, Planned Parenthood… Heck, in Ontario, Canada, the Liberty Party’s sex education curriculum was developed by a convicted child pornographer. And yet Christian chaplains are the ones who have to face discrimination for stating their views.

8 thoughts on “Navy chaplain removed from unit for teaching Biblical views on sex and marriage”

  1. This is typical liberal silencing of anyone who disagrees with them. Their ideas can’t compete in an open exchange, so they have to “win” by preventing anyone from ever expressing disagreement for fear of losing their livelihoods and reputations.


    1. And they don’t see shutting down other people as intolerant. To them it’s just normal, because they are obviously right, don’t you know. But radical pluralism IS a viewpoint.


      1. The ends justify the means.

        It doesn’t matter who is hurt to avoid being personally offended and to cast themselves into the role of the crusader for the oppressed. All that matters is that they can collectively pat each other on the back for how wonderful they are, even if they need to create a crisis.

        It sometimes reminds me of Münchausen syndrome by proxy or first responders who cause problems in order to be seen as heroes by solving them.

        No doubt they claim the same think for Christians who complain.


  2. It’s The Liberal party. The person in question is Ben Levin, not only did he have a hand in the curriculum, but he’s a professor of education, where he taught the very teachers who enter the school system. Talk about reinforcement!


  3. I don’t think the secular argument is quite correct. I am with Dr. Peter Jones that what we are facing in a Pagan takeover of our culture. Leftist Paganism is taking over, not secularism. If it was truly secular and pluralistic, they would allow each to express their views. This monistic pluralism is a form of denial of differences and the imposition of a so-called non-judgmental minimization of differences. It is a form of religious bullying in the guise of tolerance, newspeak, for I am right and good, you are wrong and evil.


  4. There is a great paradox at work in our nation: The more Man believes himself capable of bestowing rights, privileges, and providence to himself and others, — the reality is the elimination of everyone’s Creator-endowed rights.

    That this is occurring in a representative republic is indicative of our complete lawlessness to God Creator.

    Which means there are a lot of church attending people who praise the sovereignty of God on Sundays as though they were the Apostle Paul, while the rest of the week behave like the unregenerate Pharisee Saul observing and executing the letter of Man’s Law out in the world as though we lived under the iron yoke of a “deified” Caesar.

    Were we to appreciate the significance of those self-evident CREATOR-endowed rights, this gulag treatment of everyone with a God-shaped conscience and work ethic would end in the proverbial twinkling of an eye.


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