Concealed-carry permit holder uses gun to save woman from attempted rape

Guns are for self-defense against criminals
Guns are for self-defense against criminals

From Michigan Live.


The mother of a woman who told police she was attacked inside an eastside home said she is thankful for neighbors who rushed to her daughter’s aid, including a man who held the alleged attacker at gunpoint then chased him down and helped hold him until police arrived.

“She got lucky,” said the woman’s mother, who is not being identified to protect the identity of the woman. “If it wasn’t for all these people who cared enough to help her, and not turn the other cheek like so many people would, my daughter would be dead right now.”

Jessica Abels, who lives near the spot on Cronk Avenue near Illinois Avenue where the woman was found walking bloodied and naked, said she looked out the window when she heard a woman screaming for help around 2 p.m. Sept. 26.

She saw the woman jump out the window of a nearby vacant home, she said.

“Her eyes were all swollen and she had blood all over her and in her mouth,” Abels said. “She was pretty messed up.”

That’s when the community jumped into action.

Several area residents offered the 21-year-old woman clothing and comfort while a man who holds a valid concealed pistols license ordered the suspect out of the house at gunpoint, according to Flint police.

The man took off running but was chased down by the gun-wielding citizen who, with the help of an undercover auto theft police officer, tackled and held him down until police arrived.

It’s a good thing when a law-abiding citizen is able to defend his neighbors from criminals. And no shots were fired. That’s what is the most common outcome from a defensive handgun usage. Usually, the mere threat of being shot is enough to stop the crime, and deter the criminal. Guns are a way to stop violence. The very rare case where a gun is fired, it is usually a warning shot. There are degrees of deterrence and shooting at a criminal is the last resort. In this case, it was enough to just brandish the weapon.

10 thoughts on “Concealed-carry permit holder uses gun to save woman from attempted rape”

  1. Warning shots are always a bad idea. Police are not taught to fire warning shots and no concealed carry course teaches it either. If you fire a warning shot, you could cause harm to an innocent third party and you open yourself to prosecution on the reasonable of your use of force. What people are taught in concealed carry courses is to shoot to stop the threat. If the threat does not meet the threshold of deadly force, then you do not shoot, period.


      1. Absolutely not. Depending on the material you are shooting into, the bullet could ricochet again hurting innocent bystanders or the assailant.

        Let me expand on what I meant about opening yourself up to prosecution. If you shoot and kill your attacker, there is a strong self-defense argument to be made. The only question for prosecutors and/or juries to decide is whether you reasonably feared for you life or the lives of others (or grievous harm depending on the state). When you fire a warning shot, you open up the possibility of doubt about the reasonableness of your actions. If the threat was not enough for you to use deadly force, but your actions caused death or injury, even to an attacker, you are now criminally liable.

        Again, talk to any concealed carry instructor; they will tell you that if you are justified in using deadly force then you shoot to stop the attack (meaning center mass of attacker(s) and continue shooting until the attack is stopped). Otherwise, you do not shoot, period.


  2. I’m with Ken, if you ever find yourself in that sutuation, shoot to kill. No questions, no shouts, no warnings.


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