Friday night movie: 13 Rue Madeleine (1946)

Here’s tonight’s movie:


During World War II, Charles Stevenson Gibson, a St. Louis attorney with an extensive background in international affairs, is chosen by President Roosevelt to organize the secret activities of a new Intelligence Corps. Gibson, in turn, selects Robert Sharkey, a widely traveled, multi-lingual scholar who served with distinction in World War I, to administer the complex training program.

Selected groups of volunteers report to Washington for rigorous training before assignment overseas. In 1944, the candidates selected for the 77th group include Suzanne de Beaumont, a French citizen who became stranded in the U.S. when France fell, and whose husband is an artillery officer in the French army. Jeff Lassiter, the son of an American consul, educated in Geneva and Oxford and recruited from the Officers’ Training School at the University of California at Los Angeles, and Bill O’Connell, a Rutgers graduate and former employee of the foreign department of a major bank, are also chosen.

At a secluded country estate, the twenty-two candidates are given two weeks of intensive testing to see if they qualify for further training. Gibson tells Sharkey he knows that one of the candidates is a German agent and Sharkey is assigned to identify him.

IMDB rating: [7.0/10]

Here’s a spy image which is pretty cool, too:

A mysterious spy lurks at night
A mysterious spy lurks at night

Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “Friday night movie: 13 Rue Madeleine (1946)”

    1. No, but good idea. I actually think the CIA used to be so awesome, but they took a turn leftward, and not they are doing bad things.

      But I support wiretapping suspicious calls to and from the Middle East and enhanced interrogation techniques in general.


      1. I think why the CIA started becoming Leftist is the approach of the CIA has emphasized more on analysis which leads to more analysts, and often these are people who are recruited from higher education from prestigious liberal institutions. Good movie selection by the way!


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