DOJ selects Democrat donor to head investigation of IRS corruption

From the Washington Times.


The Justice Department selected an avowed political supporter of President Obama to lead the criminal probe into the IRS targeting of tea party groups, according to top Republicans who said Wednesday that the move has ruined the entire investigation.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell E. Issa, California Republican, and regulatory affairs subcommittee Chairman Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican, said they have discovered that the head of the investigation is Barbara Kay Bosserman, a trial lawyer in the Justice Department who donated more than $6,000 to Mr. Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, as well as several hundred dollars to the national Democratic Party.

“The department has created a startling conflict of interest,” Mr. Issa andMr. Jordan said in a letter sent Wednesday and reviewed by The Washington Times. “It is unbelievable that the department would choose such an individual to examine the federal government’s systematic targeting and harassment of organizations opposed to the president’s policies.”

The Internal Revenue Service’s internal auditor revealed in May that the agency had been inappropriately targeting and blocking applications for tax-exempt status from tea party and conservative-leaning groups. In the immediate aftermath, Mr. Obama promised that the FBI and the Justice Department would investigate whether the IRS broke any laws.

Eight months later, the investigation has not produced any public findings, and Mr. Issa says the FBI and Justice Department have stonewalled his efforts to find out what’s going on.

Ms. Bosserman didn’t respond to an email seeking comment.

Don’t worry, everything will be fine. We can trust big government to investigate itself properly.

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5 thoughts on “DOJ selects Democrat donor to head investigation of IRS corruption”

  1. When I first heard this, I actually thought it was a joke. But, it really fits in well with post-modern liberalism: all truth and morals are relative. So why not appoint a crony to investigate a liberal corruption?

    I don’t know how a political liberal can ground truth or morality, since political liberalism is grounded in liberal theology, which has a high view of man and a low view of God and the Bible. I’m actually not sure how a liberal is in any better position, in terms of grounding truth or morality, than an atheist. So I guess it is no surprise that there is a high correlation between the two groups.


  2. This just announced by the FBI, no law was broken! Yes you read that correctly, the United States is almost no more, crime, political crime is now on the table. The FBI, long thought of as a fair and honest law enforcement agency is now nothing more than another corrupt agency of the state.


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