Obama administration sues state of Texas for passing laws to prevent voter fraud

From the Hill.


The Justice Department will file a lawsuit against Texas on Thursday, arguing that the state’s voter ID law violates the Voting Rights Act.

Attorney General Eric Holder vowed to fight state voting laws that the DOJ views as unfair or in violation of federal law, despite a recent Supreme Court decision striking down a key part of the Voting Rights Act (VRA).

[…]The Texas law requires voters to produce one of the following before casting a ballot: a driver’s license, a personal ID card, a military ID card, a citizenship certificate with a photograph, a U.S. passport or a license to carry a concealed handgun.

Opponents of the law argue that it unfairly discriminates against minority voters who might not have a photo ID and might not able to obtain one easily.

Many Republicans, especially the Texas delegation, have balked at the possibility of the DOJ’s lawsuit against Texas.

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), the former chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, blasted the DOJ’s decision to move against Texas.

The congressman said he talked with Holder and asked him to withdraw the lawsuit, arguing Congress should be the one to resolve discrepancies within the Voting Rights Act.

“I regret that the Department of Justice announced its intent to file a lawsuit against Texas’ Voter ID law citing Section 2 to the Voting Rights Act,” said Sensenbrenner in a statement. “Voter ID laws are an essential element in protecting the integrity of our electoral process and do not have a discriminatory intent or effect.

Some of my readers in other countries often ask me – “if Obama is such a bad President, then how come the majority of Americans voted for him”. Well, first of all, a lot of these people are simply voting for Obama in order to get a share of what their working neighbors earn. They want the government to give them money, in short. But a lot of the votes for Democrats are simply fraudulent votes. People voting twice in two different states, dead people’s names being used by fraudulent voters, etc. Voter fraud is a Democrat specialty. It’s so sacred to them that even Attorney General Eric Holder is suing anyone who tries to take away voter fraud. This is about what you would expect from an administration that facilitated the sale of weapons to drug cartels and covered up Benghazi by blaming a Youtube video.

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5 thoughts on “Obama administration sues state of Texas for passing laws to prevent voter fraud”

  1. This is the most corrupt administration I’ve ever seen in this country.

    I wish all law abiding Americans could march to DC, park ourselves in front of the White House and not leave until our demands for answers from these criminals are given to us.


  2. Don’t forget that a majority of Americans -did not- vote for him. Only about half of all eligible voters turned out for the 2012 election; meaning that the impact of fraud is amplified, maybe by as much as 100%, and also that less than 25% of all eligible voters actually voted for Obama. Hardly a majority of all Americans.


    1. People say there are no stupid questions, but this example proves that’s not true. (Happily, this was also pointed out by a debate moderator at one of Craig’s debates. I think it was at Notre Dame. :-) )

      Besides your point, Josh, just in general, that question is a misunderstanding of how our President is elected. Usually, such a question assumes that, by definition, any elected President received a popular vote majority, but that office is elected by “electors”, not by the individual balloters. The thing to immediately ask the questioner is how do they know he was elected by the majority of Americans? Even legitimately elected Presidents can gain office without a majority of the popular vote. It has, in fact, happened with four of our Presidents.

      And just besides all of that, it’s a ridiculous question anyway. Those who DID vote for him may have done so out of ignorance and assumed (naively) that he’d be a better President. The two — a popular vote and a bad Presidency — are in no way connected. As humans, we can’t cast votes by precognition.


  3. Don’t forget those who voted for him to prove they’re not racist. Then there were those who hate Republicans so much, they will vote for anyone who’s a Democrat, no matter what. I know several ex-pats who, while saying they will never, ever return to the US, insist on keeping dual citizenship so that they can vote Democrat in US elections. Their hatred of Republicans is visceral.

    It’s coming back to bite them in the butt, though. Thanks to the Obama administration, they’re going to have to pay US income taxe – retroactively, too.


  4. Great statement here:
    “Voter fraud is a Democrat specialty. It’s so sacred to them that even Attorney General Eric Holder is suing anyone who tries to take away voter fraud. ”

    That just says it all.


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