Abortion supporters chant “Hail Satan!” as pro-lifers sing “Amazing Grace”

Everybody seemed to be posting about this story on Facebook, so I might as well blog about it, for those who haven’t seen it. (H/T Chris S.)


For several hours between Tuesday and Wednesday, the phrase “Hail Satan” trended on Twitter as word spread that abortion supporters had chanted it at pro-life Christians singing “Amazing Grace” amid mounting tensions over the pending passage of strict abortion laws in the Texas Capitol.

This week, Texas Governor Rick Perry convened a second special session in the Texas Senate after Democratic activism botched the passage of legislation that would have banned abortions in that state after 20 weeks.

The legislation would also require that abortions be performed at ambulatory surgical centers and mandate that doctors obtain admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their practice. Opponents of the proposal argue that the proposal would virtually shut down abortion clinics in that state and pro-life supporters have no problem with that.

“The world has seen images of pro-abortion activists screaming, cheering,” Republican Gov. Rick Perry noted, in an earlier report in which he vowed that the process would not be derailed a second time. “Going forward, we have to match their intensity, but do it with grace and civility.”

[…]On Tuesday, the pro-abortion supporters went from riotous to sacrilegious when they chanted “Hail Satan” repeatedly in a bid to silence Christian pro-lifers who were singing “Amazing Grace” in support of abortion restrictions in the state.

The extremely unorthodox chant from the abortion supporters triggered a trend of “Hail Satan” on Twitter and many dismissed it as terrible public relations for the pro-abortion movement.

“When your supporters go around yelling ‘hail satan’ you’re likely not gonna have fabulous #’s” tweeted investigative journalist Kerry Picket pointing to poll numbers showing Gov. Perry at a big advantage in a potential face-off with political upstart Wendy Davis.

Other critics of the use of the “Hail Satan” chant like public relations expert Mark Demoss implied it was excessive.

“Do supporters of late-term abortion in TX help their cause by chanting ‘Hail Satan’ (really) over top of pro-lifers singing Amazing Grace?” asked Demoss in a tweet on Wednesday.

“‘Hail Satan!’ was actually the compromise chant. The hot-heads wanted ‘We Know It’s Murder And We Don’t Care!'” tweeted conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg.

Hmmmn. So, I think it’s pretty clear which side of the debate are the good guys, now.

4 thoughts on “Abortion supporters chant “Hail Satan!” as pro-lifers sing “Amazing Grace””

  1. Even the Satanists are furious over this. The leader of a UK Satanic cult made it known publically. Says something for the pro abortionist murders that even satan is distancing himself from them

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