Global warming: Scotland hit by blizzards, road closures and 8 inches of snow

The Scotsman reports:

The summer solstice is only 28 days away, but in parts of Scotland yesterday, it was like winter had never left, as people awoke to a blanket of snow.

At a time of year when thoughts should be turning to sunscreen and barbeques, a blast of wintry weather swept in from the Arctic, bringing blizzards and icy temperatures to the North-east. Drifting snow closed two roads, and many more were only passable with care.

The Express reported on the comments of the pro-global warming Met Office:

A freezing blast from the Arctic today will bring icy gusts, blizzards and temperatures plunging to -5C (23F), forecasters said.

It comes as Met Office figures reveal this spring is likely to be the coldest for 30 years.

The period from March to mid-May show average temperatures have not risen above 6.1C making it the 6th coldest on record.

Forecaster Sarah Holland said: “This year’s particularly cold spring was heavily influenced by an exceptionally cold March which had a mean temperature 3.3 °C below the long-term average. April and May (so far) have been less cold, but have also registered slightly below average mean temperatures.

[…]Leon Brown, forecaster for The Weather Channel, said parts of Scotland were expecting up to eight inches of snow today.

Heavy wintery showers in Aberdeenshire brought parts of the region to a standstill this morning and caused chaos on the roads and transport networks.

Mr Brown said the entire county is going to be colder than average for the time of year with the mercury struggling to get into double figures.

This is all the fault of global warming! We have to let government regulate the private sector and control our consumption, or we’ll all burn up in flames for our eco-sins!

3 thoughts on “Global warming: Scotland hit by blizzards, road closures and 8 inches of snow”

  1. Liberal elites’ new snake oil: “Give us your money, or the coming ice age is gonna be REALLY bad!”


  2. Actually Britain getting colder is consistent with the global warming narrative. The reasons are as follows:

    1) Global warming causes the ocean levels to rise, as they fill up with water from the melting icecaps
    2) This causes the Gulf Stream, which gives Britain a climate more temperate than lands at a similar latitude, to be diverted
    3) Britain becomes an icy, uninhabitable wasteland, or at the very least, the weather becomes a bit more miserable

    Not that I think that this happenned (your other posts about the ice-sheets expanding have deprived me of that belief). But the uneducated believers in global warming may use the above model to explain it


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