Is the gay lifestyle the same as the heterosexual lifestyle?

I am going to post this disturbing article from the radically left-wing New York Times about the latest new disease affecting the gay community in New York. (H/T ECM)

Here’s an excerpt:

At around 4 on a Saturday morning, a time when most of the gay bars in New York have closed and locked their doors, a steady stream of young and middle-aged men, almost all shirtless and some stripped down to their boxer briefs, have found their way down a dark stairwell and into a maze of basement rooms, where the décor can best be described as fallout-shelter chic.

They have come to Paddles, an after-hours sex club in Chelsea, not yet ready to end their evening. They prowl the long cinder-block hallway, exchanging knowing glances. A husky, bearded man in his 40s lounges on a corrugated black rubber bench, admiring a chorus line of smooth-chested 20-somethings, their flesh glowing under a pink neon sign and black lights. A man in a metal-studded black leather chest harness strides toward a back room, the hookup room, where a circle of men, skin glistening with sweat, hover around a swing, watching.

Then, in walks a skinny man in a black baseball cap, with soulful eyes and a nose that juts forward like the prow of a ship. He stops at a folding table set up between two video screens showing continuous reels of gay pornography. He strips off his black leather jacket, flexing toned biceps in a black muscle shirt. He sets up a red hazardous-waste bin as nonchalantly as if it were a plastic juice jug from Costco, arranges some Band-Aids and a bowl of lollipops next to it, and pulls out a syringe.

This is Demetre Daskalakis, a doctor and gay activist who has come to spread the message that a new health threat has emerged among the city’s gay population and that he is there to stop it.

“Have you been vaccinated?” he asks, smiling, his voice warm, as the half-naked men walk by.

A new, casually transmittable infection — a unique strain of bacterial meningitis — has cast a pall over the gay night life and dating scene, with men wondering whether this is AIDS, circa 1981, all over again. Seven men have died in New York City, about a third of diagnosed cases, since 2010. And in the last few months, the contagion seemed to be accelerating. It has targeted gay and bisexual men, and nobody knows exactly why.

The city’s best hope to curb the outbreak is to vaccinate as many at-risk men as possible, focusing on those most in danger: men who regularly hook up with other men whom they meet at parties, bars, clubs and through apps like Grindr. Dr. Don Weiss, the director of surveillance for the city’s Bureau of Communicable Disease, has called it “Russian roulette sex,” because “sooner or later, you are going to come across this organism and be exposed.”

In case anyone would like to understand the health effects of the gay lifestyle, here is an excellent resource which links to data from mainstream sources.

Here is an excerpt:

Hepatitis: A potentially fatal liver disease that increases the risk of liver cancer.

  • Hepatitis A: The Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report published by the CDC reports: “Outbreaks of hepatitis A among men who have sex with men are a recurring problem in many large cities in the industrialized world.”[20]
  • Hepatitis B: This is a serious disease caused by a virus that attacks the liver. The virus, which is called hepatitis B virus (HBV), can cause lifelong infection, cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, and death. Each year in the United States, more than 200,000 people of all ages contract hepatitis B and close to 5,000 die of sickness caused by AIDS. The CDC reports that MSM are at increased risk for hepatitis B.[21]

And more:

HIV/AIDS Among Homosexuals. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is responsible for causing AIDS, for which there exists no cure.

  • Homosexual men are the largest risk category. The CDC reports that homosexuals comprise the single largest exposure category of the more than 600,000 males with AIDS in the United States. As of December 1999, “men who have sex with men” and “men who have sex with men and inject drugs” together accounted for 64 percent of the cumulative total of male AIDS cases.[39]

And more:

Homosexuals with STDs Are at an Increased Risk for HIV Infection. Studies of MSM treated in STD clinics show rates of infection as high as 36 percent in major cities.[46] A CDC study attributed the high infection rate to having high numbers of anonymous sex partners: “[S]yphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia apparently have been introduced into a population of MSM who have large numbers of anonymous partners, which can result in rapid and extensive transmission of STDs.”[47] The CDC report concluded: “Persons with STDs, including genital ulcer disease and nonulcerative STD, have a twofold to fivefold increased risk for HIV infection.”[48]

CDC means the government’s Center for Disease Control.

The article that I linked above has nearly 80 footnotes to respected sources of evidence. It’s very important to know the facts when discussing this issue so that we tell people the truth and then let them make good decisions. At the very least we should be telling them what we tell our friends who smoke: “it’s not good for your health”.

13 thoughts on “Is the gay lifestyle the same as the heterosexual lifestyle?”

  1. 1960’s radical, David Horowitz said in one of his books in the 1990’s that his “changing attitude” towards most of the ‘extreme left’ was when AIDS was exploding in the early 1980’s. He quoted medical doctors, studies, and tried to make it known at that time that to “reduce the risk of exposure, one had to limit partners, stop sharing needles, and have protected sex ALL the time.”

    He was shut down, and scorned for his “conservative, uptight values,” and being “against” the culture of what it means to be gay.


  2. As a variation on the “friends don’t let friends do drugs” meme, perhaps we should come up with one that says “friends don’t let friends have gay sex.” But that would be too politically-incorrect.


  3. “The city’s best hope to curb the outbreak is to vaccinate as many at-risk men as possible, ”

    Really, NYT? That’s the best hope you can think of?

    I can think of another solution that will be perfectly effective, but would require some changes in behavior. Perhaps this is too much to ask for today, but if people value their lives over the pleasures it is at least worth mentioning, I would think.


  4. jackhudson,

    I’ve been told that this is a reason, to support “gay marriage”. Apparently, homosexuals are incapable of disciplining themselves if they cannot be granted state recognition of their unions. Another way they’re “just like us”.


    1. Andrew Sullivan made that statement. “Journalist Andrew Sullivan argues that it is social ostracism that encourages the reckless promiscuity and socially destructive behavior of male homosexuals. If gays are allowed to marry like everyone else, Sullivan is confident that this outrageous element of gay culture would diminish. Sullivan’s argument can be condensed to the slogan, “Marriage civilizes men.” But Sullivan is wrong. Marriage doesn’t civilize men, women do. This point is even evident in the gay community: it helps to explain why lesbians are generally much better than male homosexuals in sustaining long-term relationships. The reason that society privileges marriage and gives it a special legal status is because marriage is the only known incubator for the raising of children. This arrangement works best when marriage is restricted to heterosexual couples who are of adult age and unrelated to each other. Polygamous arrangements, incest, and homosexual relationships do occur in society, but there is no reason to give them greater social acceptance, nor to give them the special legal status of “marriage.””
      -Dinesh D’Souza in Q and A


        1. I wouldn’t take D’Souza’s statement as fact since these are just statements he made without reference to research. Check out WK’s links above that take you to actual research. Maybe he’s correct, maybe he’s incorrect.

          I haven’t researched whether ‘men’ are the problem not ‘gays.’


  5. You know you’re very right on the last sentence where you mention that we tell people to not smoke. We do don’t we? Of course we do. In fact, smoking is hated by many (or should I say smokers instead of just smoking?). However, when it comes to sexual disease, specifically sexual diseases commonly associated with certain types of sex, ahem homosexual, many tighten their lips and even their digital lips (that is, they don’t even speak out against it on the interwebz). Why oh why could this be? Is a certain group “protected” by the MSM and people who adhere to the leftist political philosophy? *rubs chin* Yeah. I think so.


  6. As a gay man living in manhattan, my lifestyle involves going to work, the gym dinner etc. (on the weekends going home to the suburbs to spend time with my family.)

    I have been with the same guy for 9 yrs and we always have very safe sex.

    The fact of the matter is that most of us, even here in nyc, don’t run around shirtless looking for sex in after hours clubs.

    The metro area has about 15 million residents.

    At any given time 1 million visitors to the area.

    There are plenty of sex clubs and apps to be found, for both gay and straight people.

    I work in one for ny larger hospitals, and most of the HIV positive people we see are poor, uneducated minorities.
    (Most of the Medicaid pt’s we see are HIV positive)

    Yes, if you have unprotected sex often enough and with people who are infected, you will become infected.

    At this point in time about 90% of gays in nyc are HIV negative.
    The number of HIV positive gay men in manhattan is still to high. I have meet a number of these guys over the years. This group of gay guys tend to have very low self esteem, severe depression, drug problems (usually including steroid abuse).

    Historically gay men were the majority of HIV positive group in nyc. While this is no longer true, it is very difficult to reach a group of people who seem to be isolated from there family and friends, and whom often have difficulty making a living.

    The city is having a difficult time reaching closeted black and Hispanic men in the outer boroughs, because the men who are having sex with other men tend to be married to women. (These men come from more religious parts of the city where being openly gay is not acceptible)

    They don’t want anyone to suspect that they are gay and don’t go for testing or education.


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