Which Bible verse is used most frequently by non-Christians to attack Christianity?

J. Warner Wallace has posted about it on his Cold Case Christianity blog.


As a Christian, I’m often at odds with the culture around me. As our society embraces a growing number of unbiblical behaviors and attitudes, I find myself becoming more and more vocal in my opposition. I’m not alone; many other conservative Christians are also taking a stand for what the Bible teaches, particularly when it comes to moral behavior. Maybe that’s why I seem to hear Matthew 7:1 tossed around so frequently by those who want Christians to quiet down:

“Do not judge so that you will not be judged.”

Whenever we, as Christians, speak out against something in the culture, one of two labels is immediately employed in an effort to silence us: we are either branded “intolerant” or “judgmental”. To make matters worse, the second label is often attached to the teaching of Jesus Himself. Are we Christians defying the words of our Master when we speak against the behaviors, attitudes or worldviews affirmed by others? Did Jesus command us to be silently non-judgmental?

This selective use of scripture by the opposition is perhaps the finest example of what we at Stand to Reason are addressing when we caution people to “never read a Bible verse.” Matthew 7:1, when read in isolation from the larger context of the Sermon on the Mount, may seem to command a form of silent acceptance and tolerance advocated by the culture, but a closer examination of the verse reveals Jesus’ true intent.

Click it to read the response to the challenge.

It sure would be nice if people who think that Jesus’ opinion matters would do a better job of looking at what he actually taught. The four gospels are the best records for the life of Jesus. What he did and what he said are known.

6 thoughts on “Which Bible verse is used most frequently by non-Christians to attack Christianity?”

  1. He’s right about becoming more and more vocal. You’ve seen my facebook, I can’t seem to shut up about gay marriage even though it’s made me a social pariah!


    1. I think I get it from professing Christians more than from unbelievers. Whenever you try to point out sin or an idea (such as abortion or gay marriage) that is contrary to God’s word, the liberals immediately call you judgmental and pull out the “do not judge” cliche. They can’t seem to actually engage with the ideas and arguments. They don’t actually use Scripture to prove you wrong. They have to resort to calling you a bad Christian (ironically, judging you) in order to protect their viewpoints.


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