Two Muslim immigrants arrested in Canada for Al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist plot

Stephen Harper in Afghanistan
Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Afghanistan

The CBC reports on a blockbuster story from Canada. (H/T Blazing Cat Fur)


Canadian police say they have arrested two men and thwarted a plot to carry out a major terrorist attack on a Via passenger train in the Greater Toronto Area.

In a press conference that followed an exclusive report by CBC’s Greg Weston, police named the two accused as Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, of Montreal, and Raed Jaser, 35, from Toronto. They have been charged with conspiracy to carry out a terrorist attack and “conspiring to murder persons unknown for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a terrorist group.”

The two men arrested are not Canadian citizens, police said Monday, but would not provide any details about their nationalities.

The RCMP accused the two men of conspiring to commit an “al-Qaeda-supported” attack.

Police said the two accused were getting “direction and guidance” from al-Qaeda elements in Iran. There was no information to suggest the attacks were state sponsored, police said.

Chief Supt. Jennifer Strachan said the two suspects watched trains and railways in the Greater Toronto Area. There was a specific route targeted, not necessarily a specific train, Strachan said, although she declined to reveal which route was allegedly being targeted.

“We are alleging that these two individuals took steps and conducted activities to initiate a terrorist attack,” she told reporters.

The two men are expected to appear at Old City Hall courthouse in Toronto tomorrow.

With Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the helm, the Conservative Party majority gets the job done again!

Too bad Harper is not in charge down here. Democrats think that only married, Bible-believing small business owning Tea Party conservatives who served in the Armed Forces can be domestic terrorists. They think that William Lane Craig is more likely to be a terrorist than KSM. That’s what they believe.

I have to share Blazing Cat Fur’s headline for this “Canada: Muslims Fear Backlash Over Latest Thwarted Terror Plot – Linked To Amish Division Of Al Qaeda“. He also points out that the Canadian chapter of CAIR is urging the Canadian government not to pass national security legislation.

Blazing Cat Fur is the place to be for the latest news from Canada. Best Canadian blog.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the Canadian media will try to blame this on the Amish, or whatever the Canadian equivalent of the Tea Party is. They can’t bring themselves to believe that they made a mistake by ratcheting up unregulated immigration from Muslim countries in order to move their country to the left. Bringing in skilled immigrants who learn English is one thing, but bringing in radical extremists is something else entirely.

One thought on “Two Muslim immigrants arrested in Canada for Al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist plot”

  1. Amish division of Al Qaeda? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while! (We don’t have a lot of Amish in Canada. Hutterites, yes, but not Amish.)

    We also don’t have any equivalent to the Tea Party here, though some have tried to start one up. It hasn’t taken off, and I think it’s partly because there’s less of a need for one here than in the US. Our countries are just too different in key ways. We do, however, have leftists who totally adore Obama, which probably explains why Justin Trudeau won leadership of the Liberal Party by 80%. He’s our Obama. All flash, no pan.

    The biggest insult people can lob and Conservatives here in Canada is to accuse people of being “American Style”. When Harper was elected, people called him Bush’s Mini-Me, and he is still being accused of being in the pockets of the US, though with Obama in the Oval Office now, they sometimes say “big US corporations” or something like that. The irony of that is that the biggest interferance in our politics is from leftist, US based organisations that have been skirting our laws in advertising for and promoting ABH (anyone but Harper) parties, whether it be the Libs, NDP or the Greens. They are also heavily involved in First Nations groups, paying people to protest against things like the Keystone Pipeline and the oil sands. Meanwhile, the oil industry is one of the biggest employers of First Nations!

    Our radical extremists are well funded by groups outside of Canada, as well as within.


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