Global warming in the UK: coldest March in 50 years, Winter extending into Spring

From the UK Daily Mail. (H/T Doug Ross)


Today is officially the first day of spring – but it will bring little respite to freezing Britain as snow continues to fall, closing schools and causing chaos on the roads.

The country is on track to suffer its coldest March in more than 50 years as conservationists warned that the prolonged winter weather was damaging wildlife.

The unrelenting cold weather is showing no signs of slowing this week as snow continues to fall across the North.

Today is the vernal equinox, traditionally regarded as the end of winter and the day that spring arrives, but the news could come as a surprise to Britons affected by the snow and cold.

More light snow will settle throughout the day in the north-east of England and eastern Scotland, adding to large amounts of up to 10cm which hit the regions yesterday.

Higher ground will see up to another 5cm, while lower areas could see around 2cm – along with parts of Northern Ireland and Wales.

[…]The Central England Temperature – covering an area bounded by Lancashire, Bristol and London – shows temperatures have been 2.8C lower than normal for the month.

The last time March was so cold was in 1962, when the average temperature was 2.4C (36F) – or 4.1C below the norm.

Meanwhile, in the midwestern United States, we get snow storms in the Spring:

Winter’s late-season grip on the nation continued into the first full week of spring with a powerful snowstorm moving east, leaving major highways closed, flights canceled and heavy accumulation in the Midwest.

The largest snowfall totals of 10 inches or more fell across Kansas and over St. Louis, Mo., before the storm began churning up the Ohio River Valley toward the East Coast on Sunday.

In the mid-Missouri town of Columbia, TV station KOMU was briefly evacuated Sunday morning because of high winds and a heavy buildup of snow on the broadcast tower next to the building.

Two distinct patterns of heavy snow were following one another across the nation’s midsection, engulfing areas of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. The storm was forecast to bring heavy snow to portions of the Midwest. About 6 to 10 inches were forecast from Missouri to Ohio on Sunday. Winter storm warnings were issued for much of central Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

[…]Forecasters Sunday said travel across the Mid-Atlantic will be disrupted with slush and snow accumulating along the I-95 corridor from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. With temperatures expected to hover around freezing Monday, it was difficult for officials to be certain how quickly snow would melt.

[…]In the west, Highway I-70 was shut down from Denver — where 100 flights were canceled — into Kansas Saturday as truckers pulled off treacherous roadways and hotels quickly filled up.

Forecasters were predicting a few inches in and around the nation’s capital and further to the north in New York City. Heavier accumulation was expected in areas in between, such as Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Do you know what we need to stop this global warming? A nice carbon tax. And thankfully, Obama is working hard on that.

8 thoughts on “Global warming in the UK: coldest March in 50 years, Winter extending into Spring”

  1. It sounds like the people said that the warming was part of a heating and cooling cycle were right. Back in the 70’s they were screaming about global freezing. Then in the 90’s it was global warming – all our fault, of course – that was going to end the world. Now we haven’t had any warming in 17 years and they still don’t get it. We’re probably going back into a cooling period. I fully expect that the next few years will continue to be colder. None of this is caused by humans or within our control. So they should stop yelling that the sky is falling and start working on something we can fix – like the economy.

    Of course, if they admit that there’s nothing we humans can do about the climate, then they would have to give up all their money-making and power-grabbing tactics – carbon credits, green products, cap and trade, etc. People who are worried that they are killing the earth are a lot easier to manipulate and control. It’s always been about control. And they aren’t going to give up their plan to use pseudoscience to manipulate the people any time soon. The people need to wise up and see this global warming junk for what it really is.


  2. On the economy I’ve been complaining that if this economy keeps improving like it is I’ll be bankrupt soon. I’ve complained the same about global warming. When we broke a record here in Arizona this last winter for most consecutive below-freezing nights, I said, “If this global warming keeps up, we’re going to freeze to death.”


  3. It is actually an urban myth that scientists were “screaming about global cooling” back in the 70s. Back then the globe *had* been cooling for 3 decades, but there were only 7 peer reviewed papers predicting global cooling – but 44 predicting global warming. The source of the myth was a few articles in the popular press, not the scientific journals.

    A detailed debunking:

    Meanwhile, it is pointless to point at short term and local data (eg a cold march) to try to disprove a long term and global phenomena.

    This blog seems to be a fan of the daily mail, so here is a daily mail article:–temperatures-rising.html

    And where on earth did someone get the idea that we haven’t had any warming for 17 years? Or that there is nothing humans can do which affects the climate?


  4. The youtube debunking mentions the TIME magazine piece, the Newsweek and another (mainstream news) article. The popular press did indeed run a few articles claiming that scientists were predicting a new ice age, but they were misrepresenting what was actually said. These articles were the source of the myth.

    Ofc, neither TIME nor Newsweek are peer reviewed scientific journals.


  5. As for the Mail articles “study shows no global warming” report, the Met office itself issued a statement saying that the first article had numerous errors and when he released an almost identical article a few months later, they felt compelled to correct him again.

    The youtube videos I have quoted a very good – the author is not a climate scientist but he has been a professional science reporter and he knows his stuff and is not shy of digging into the professional literature to see what the current science is actually saying. He debunks both the deniers and the pro lobby. This particular video is only 6 minutes long – surely worthwhile on a topic you find interesting enough to blog about.

    Still, if videos are not your thing, here is the met office rebuttal
    to the “16 years” claim.


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