Women who made 11 false rape accusations is finally put in jail – for 16 months

Dina tweeted this frightening article from the UK Daily Mail.


A woman who cried rape was jailed yesterday after a court heard it was her eleventh false claim.

Compulsive liar Elizabeth Jones, 22, was exposed when CCTV footage disproved her allegation against a man she ‘did not like any more’.

She had made her first false rape claim in 2004 when she was just 13, Southampton Crown Court heard.

Between 2005 and 2007 she made another eight allegations which police investigated and dismissed, although she was not prosecuted.

In 2009 she was sentenced to a ten-month detention and training order for a similar offence.

Jones’s latest victim was a boyfriend against whom she made the allegation after the pair had an argument.

Police began an investigation after Jones, from Southampton, persuaded a friend to report she had been assaulted.

She later went to the police station for a medical examination and repeated her allegation. The man was arrested and questioned for nine hours before being released without charge.

Prosecutor Jennie Rickman said he denied rape and detectives later viewed CCTV covering part of the house in which Jones claimed to have been attacked.

The video did not support her story that the man forced himself on her.

Miss Rickman said: ‘There is a history of her making false allegations of this nature and this is the 11th incident.

‘Police had to take her allegation seriously and carried out an appropriate investigation.

‘She was later arrested and accepted she had lied about being raped. She said she did it because she did not like him.’

Jones admitted to attempting to pervert the course of justice and was jailed for 16 months.

What do you think would be a good jail sentence for someone who made 11 false accusations? Maybe if this person got a real sentence, it would deter future false accusations. Then there would be more police time and money to prosecute real rapes.

14 thoughts on “Women who made 11 false rape accusations is finally put in jail – for 16 months”

  1. The best jail sentence for someone who makes false rape accusations, is to receive as much jail time for each false rape accusation as the maximum amount of time rapists might receive for committing each of such crimes. Thus, for 11 false accusations, eleven consecutive sentences of the maximum duration in penalty.

    That would deter false accusations; nothing else will.


      1. Exactly; it ruins men’s lives.

        Time for it to ruin the false accusers’ lives, too; then, it will become a lot rarer. 16 mo. is a slap on the wrist; won’t discourage others from making false accusations. Let the real punishment fit the alleged crime, and the crime will drop off drastically.


  2. At least one year for each false allegation. If when she comes out she does it again, she should get the sentence the man would have got if he actually had done it.


    1. Why not give her the sentence her accused would have received, the first time? She gets a chance to smear a person, with only a year’s sentence, once? Why even that?


      1. Maybe if the police warned her and her lawyer that making a false accusation of rape could result in a much longer sentence, then she would have the warning she needs to calm down, without the need for the shorter first-time penalty?


  3. 11 years (one per false accusation) of labour, during which all of the money she earns goes to supporting falsely accused men trying to get their lives back in order.

    If any male did prison time, add that time served onto the 11, with those years set aside for the man who was unjustly imprisoned.


  4. The other thing I want to point out about all of this is how scary it is for men to see that women are capable of this. Even men like me who are chaste and would never even think about premarital sex because we don’t think that it promotes stability could be accused by some strange woman who is looking for an alibi, or who is unhappy with her grades, or who just wants attention. It drives a wedge between men and women and stops men from wanting to just be friends with women and reach out to them and care for them. We think “some women are crazy, that person is a woman, therefore, that person could be crazy”. It would help us if more women spoke out against this irresponsibility, so that men would be less deterred from reaching out to women even for friendship and care. What I want is for men to view women as supportive of men and aware of their fears and concerns, so that men impression of women is “there is a potential ally who supports me” versus “there is a potential threat who opposes me”.

    I know it’s a crazy thought today, but wouldn’t it be great if men generally just liked women and viewed them as helpful and supportive.


    1. “It would help us if more women spoke out against this irresponsibility, so that men would be less deterred from reaching out to women even for friendship and care.”

      That would be great. Unfortunately, female reaction is usually to cry “NAWALT!” (“Not all women are like that!”), which yes, yes, we all know, but that isn’t very helpful, ultimately.


    2. never mind other men and women, they were probably the first to make the poor men’s lives hell. As for getting a warning, do you really think she wasn’t warned the first 10 times, of course she was. As a few of us have said, one year for each accusation, plus if she still does it again, she get the sentence a man would have got if he HAD done it.


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