Craig Hazen explains why Christianity is not like other religions

A 28-minute lecture delivered at Biola University.


  • Christianity is different from other religions for several reasons
  • Christianity is testable using objective evidence
  • you can offer objective evidence for and against it
  • compare that to Zen Buddhism, for example, which is about subjective experiences
  • Buddhism is subjective, you can’t test it objectively
  • Christianity can be tested using the historical method
  • if Jesus did not rise from the dead, Christianity is false
  • Christianity is set up for inquiry
  • You can know whether the resurrection happened using historical methods
  • “faith” in Christianity is not belief without arguments and evidence
  • the Bible presents it’s claims about God as testable and public

This was very fun to watch.

UPDATE: Here’s a related post at the Simpson blog.

2 thoughts on “Craig Hazen explains why Christianity is not like other religions”

  1. Ok so I secede my foolishness. Though I have to say in my defense, I at least can admit to it.

    Your argument isn’t about accepting the premise of God’s existence.

    Its about the evidence of Christ’s Resurrection.

    I caved 5 minutes into it.

    1. Yay! Well it’s both, but I’m not going to quibble. Craig Hazen is the funnest person in the world. Everyone likes him! I met him at the EPS conference in Atlanta, and he pretended to have heard of me!

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