Great grandmother fires at mugger with legally-owned, legally-carried handgun

Story from the Washington Times.


A 56-year-old great-grandmother from Detroit has a permit to carry her 9 mm handgun, and when she was assaulted on a city bus, she used it.

Ramona Taylor Kamate, 56, boarded a bus Thursday at Northland Mallin Southfield, Mich., Click on Detroit reports. It was there she came face to face with her attacker.

“He was saying ‘you smell good, looks like you have money’ and I said no I don’t,” Ms. Kamate said. “He grabbed my book bag and I grabbed it back and we started tussling, I bit him on his left hand. When he struck me in my head we started fighting.”

No one tried to help her.

“It’s sad you have all those men on the bus, and no one helped me,” she added.

The assailant ran off the bus with Ms. Kamate’s purse, and the grandmother ran after him.

“Somebody said he had a gun, and when he turned and faced me he went down, and when he went down I just pulled my 9 out and started shooting him,” she said.

Ms. Kamate said she fired 11 shots, but he still got away. Her purse was later found, minus the cash in her wallet.

“At first, I felt remorse because I have grandchildren,” she told Click on Detroit. “If my grandchildren are out here doing what these punks are doing, they need to get the same thing.”

The local Fox channel, Fox 2 Detroit, has a video of the lady explaining what happened. She seems like a normal, old-fashioned law-abiding person who has had it with young punks. Her handgun is an H&K USP9 – an excellent handgun. I was surprised that she missed him with it.

Whenever we see stories like this it is important to ask what the Democrats would do with this woman after they banned all guns, which is what they want. Guns like Romona’s H&K USP9 are banned in the far-left UK and effectively banned in Australia. In Canada, certain pistols can be owned, but not carried concealed by law-abiding citizens for self-defense. Criminals, of course, can and do own and carry guns of any type. Imagine what would happen if the Democrats got through gun bans similar to what other left-leaning countries have done? Without a gun, that woman would not be able to defend herself against a younger, stronger attacker. All women should own firearms and have concealed-carry permits. But if it were up to Democrats, women like that great grandmother would always be the victims of stronger, more aggressive, men. And sometimes men don’t just want money alone.

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