Man who doesn’t believe in guns thanks gun owners for protecting him from burglar

From KHOU News.


HOUSTON — A couple of strangers came to the rescue when a man was robbed at gunpoint. Now, the victim wants to say thank you to the Good Samaritans.

Police believe the criminal who was canvassing a neighborhood in the 2500 block of Wichita near Hermann Park had no idea what he was in for when he picked his target.

The victim in this case had just walked back to his car from a bar around the corner.

Kevin Dorsey says he hadn’t even closed his car door Thursday night when a man wearing all black and a ski mask put a gun to his chest. The man took Dorsey’s wallet, cell phone and car keys.

After he was robbed, Dorsey began running down the street and says two men in a Mercedes asked him what had happened.

Dorsey told them and they not only caught up with the suspect, but they started shooting at him.

The suspect fired back. In the end, the two witnesses turned vigilantes won and took down the bad guy.

“I don’t believe in guns,” said Dorsey. “I don’t own a gun. I’m totally at the mercy of my saviors. They obviously sent two angels to help me. These people protected me when I couldn’t protect myself.”

After the robber had been shot, police say he jumped over a fence and was attacked by a German Shepherd. That attack prevented him from getting away.

The suspect, identified as Christopher Hutchins, is being treated at Ben Taub Hospital. He’s expected to recover.

You’ll never hear the national media report on the hundreds of thousands of crimes preventing or stopped by law-abiding people who get concealed-carry permits and legally-owned firearms. It doesn’t fit their agenda.

By the way, Neil Simpson has a big round up on gun-related stories here on his blog.

UPDATE: Right Scoop posted this video of a very attractive young lady demonstrating that ALL the weapons that people want to ban are semi-automatic, and that means one trigger pull per bullet.

2 thoughts on “Man who doesn’t believe in guns thanks gun owners for protecting him from burglar”

  1. Another criminal that won’t be victimizing anyone, at least for a little while. Thank you to the concerned citizens who risked their own safety to pursue a bad guy.

    But this story brings up an often neglected danger in our country, one that needs new laws to protect us. Dogs. In this day and age of mushy canned dog food and Kibbles and Bits, there is simply no need for all those teeth. A commission must be established by tomorrow, and executive orders ready by Tues, that prohibit people from owning, possessing or breeding any dog with teeth longer than one inch. Proper background checks of course are a given. If a dog resembles an “assault dog”, such as this one – a German Shepherd! – it is prohibited. We all know there is one and only purpose for German Shepherds. Look at the long history of the breed. It is clear there is no common purpose for such animals.


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