William Lane Craig lectures on the evidential problem of evil

Dr. Craig delivered morning and afternoon lectures in Denmark on the topic of the problem of evil.

Here is the description:

The problem of innocent suffering–usually called ‘the problem of evil’ by philosophers–is the most important argument against the existence of God. Dr. Craig differentiates between the emotional and intellectual problems of evil in order to help keep our thinking about this controverted subject clear. He further differentiates between internal and external versions of the intellectual problem of evil, arguing that while the former is generally thought to have been resolved, the latter remains a subject of debate. During his morning lecture Dr. Craig will set up the problem and discuss the internal version; during the afternoon lecture he shall address the external version.

Below are videos for the afternoon lecture.

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you like this lecture, you can also check out my favorite lecture on the problem of evil by Doug Geivett. I am still watching the two lectures I posted Monday and today, so they may become my new favorites.

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