Friday night detectives: one episode of Hercule Poirot

Tonight, I’ve found us “The ABC Murders” – an Agatha Christie mystery with detective Hercule Poirot.

IMDB mean rating: [8.6/10]

IMDB median rating: [9/10]


Hastings returns to Britain after a long absence to find Poirot anxious for a new case which will challenge his gray cells. Poirot quickly gets his wish in the form of taunting letters from a serial killer who has dubbed himself ABC and who leaves an ABC railroad schedule at the scene of each crime. The victims as well as the crime scenes appear to be chosen randomly, but maintain an obsessive adherence to alphabetical order.

This is the highest-rated Hercule Poirot episode – the series ran for about 10 years. Don’t miss it!

Happy Friday!

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