Obamacare subsidizes the risky behaviors of sexually active women

From CNS News.


 Starting August 1, the Democrats’ health care law — as implemented by the Health and Human Services Administration — entitles 47 million women to eight new “prevention-related” health care services “without paying more out of their own pocket,” HHS reminded Americans on Tuesday.

In addition to the controversial contraceptive mandate, HHS says virtually all health plans must cover– at no charge — the following items for sexually active women.

— HIV screening and counseling: “Sexually-active women will have access to annual counseling on HIV,” HHS said, noting that women are at increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

— Counseling on sexually transmitted infections: “Sexually-active women will have access to annual counseling on sexually transmitted infections,” HHS said. “These sessions have been shown to reduce risky behavior in patients, yet only 28 percent of women aged 18-44 years reported that they had discussed STIs with a doctor or nurse.”

— HPV (human papillomavirus): This sexually transmitted disease is linked to cervical cancer. According to HHS, “Women who are 30 or older will have access to high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing every three years, regardless of Pap smear results.”

— Interpersonal and domestic violence screening: “Screening and counseling for interpersonal and domestic violence should be provided for all adolescent and adult women,” HHS says. “An estimated 25% of women in the United States report being targets of intimate partner violence during their lifetimes. Screening is effective in the early detection and effectiveness of interventions to increase the safety of abused women.”

— Contraceptive coverage: The HHS regulation requires nearly all health insurance plans to provide women with sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives, including emergency contraception, without any fees or co-pay.

It is a major priority of the Obama administration: making it easier for women to have casual recreational sex with people outside of marriage. Sometimes, this recreational sex will result in increased sickness and disease, and sometimes this recreational sex will result in unplanned pregancies. But no matter – the taxpayers are there to pick up the tab for these activities. After all, “the private sector is fine” and business owners and workers “didn’t build that”, so it’s no problem at all to “spread the wealth around” from job creators and workers to pay for these expenses. And it has the added benefit of buying votes. Not only that, but Planned Parenthood will make generous donations to the Democrat Party in exchange for all the new business they’ll get.

5 thoughts on “Obamacare subsidizes the risky behaviors of sexually active women”

  1. I just don’t get the mentality that says it is harmful to eat food that is pumped full of steroids and hormones, but in the same breath can say it is good for humans put these harmful chemicals directly into their bodies. It is so confusing to me. The respect for Human dignity–I don’t know if it can get much lower. Thanks for the post.


  2. More recreational sex = more children raised by single parents = larger welfare state. Not to be overly cynical, but it’s a savvy political move.


  3. It’s so hard for me to read this kind of stuff, because I just get more and more disgusted. When will people ever wake up and realize that when a society becomes dependent on its gov’t that it’s a bad bad bad thing? These liberal quacks have people so deluded it boggles the mind!


  4. Anytime planned parenthood steps behind and supports something you must question it. They are in the business of taking lives. I agree that we must hold people accountable for their choices. It is also our burden to educate people as to what their actions may lead to.


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