14-year old boy uses parents’ handgun to deter armed intruder

From Fox News.


A 14-year-old Phoenix boy shot an intruder who broke into his home while brandishing a gun as the teenager watched his three younger siblings, police said.

The teen and his brothers and sisters were at home alone at their residence at 55th Avenue and Baseline when a woman rang the doorbell Friday. The teen didn’t open the door because he didn’t recognize her, Police Officer James Holmes said Saturday.

Soon after, the teen heard a bang on the door, rushed his siblings upstairs and got a handgun from his parent’s bedroom. When he got to the top of the stairs, he saw a man breaking through the front door and point a gun at him.

The boy shot the 37-year-old man, who is in critical condition but expected to survive and be booked into jail.

Holmes said the suspect did not get a shot off. He declined to release his name until he is booked into jail.

The woman who rang the home’s doorbell got away.

This is why families own firearms legally, so that they can defend themselves from armed criminals when the police will take too long to arrive.

In a previous post I noted how feminists who denigrate the traditional roles of men like provider, protector, etc. disapprove of men using force or arms to deter or defeat evildoers – not to mention the use of force in a just war. I’m sure that there are more socialists and feminists who will read a story like this and want to seize the firearms and separate the children from their parents and put them into child protective custody. There are people on the left who think that criminals are victims and that families with guns to defend themselves are the real criminals, and they need to be disarmed.

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2 thoughts on “14-year old boy uses parents’ handgun to deter armed intruder”

  1. I’ll see your approval of gun ownership and the right to self-defense, and raise you a Would the fourteen-year-old also have been prevented from accessing the gun by gun-safe or gun-lock laws, if liberals had their way?


    1. What we need to do is compare the number of cases where a child misuses a firearm that was not secured with the number of crimes prevented by defensive handgun uses by legally owned firearms. According to John Lott’s book “The Bias Against Guns”, the number of children who are harmed by legally owned guns is on the order of dozens. The number of defensive handgun uses is about two million. That’s how you make policy.


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