Friday night movie: The Silver Fleet (1943)

Here’s tonight’s movie:

IMDB rating: [6.9/10]


In the early years of World War II, the Nazis have overrun the Netherlands and have taken over the shipyard co-owned and run by Jaap van Leyden. The yard was making submarines for the Dutch Navy. The German ‘Protector’ Von Schiffer demands that they resume making submarines, but for the Nazis. By lowering food rations to starvation point, they induce some of the skilled workers to return to the yard.

This leads to many problems for van Leyden and his wife when everyone sees them as collaborators. But van Leyden works out a way to appear to do what the Nazis want but to keep his conscience clear as well.

I like this movie better than last week’s movie.

Happy Friday!

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