New Herman Cain campaign ad features his chief of staff smoking a cigarette

I love the ad. ESPECIALLY the cigarette. And, of course, the ad has gone viral. Duh. That was the whole point of Mark Block smoking the cigarette. It grabs your attention.

CBS News reports on the latest poll. (H/T The Other McCain)


Businessman Herman Cain is now atop the field of Republican White House hopefuls, squeaking past former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the latest CBS News/New York Times poll.

Cain garnered 25 percent support of Republican primary voters in the poll released on Tuesday, compared to Romney’s 21 percent.

Stacy McCain notes that this poll was taken during October 19-24, entirely after the Las Vegas debate.

This lead will only go up, now that Cain has 100% of the Marlboro Man vote because of this cigarette campaign ad. I love listening to the cigarette ads on old time radio shows, and this ad reminds me of those days before political correctness. There are so many immoral things that people minimize, but they fuss about things like smoking bans and recycling. I think we should let people smoke in bars if they want to. And not force people to wear seat belts. I think that ad is going to resonate with mainstream America.

McCain writes:

The big news? This poll was taken Oct. 19-24, entirely after last week’s Vegas debate (Perry’s best performance to date) and covers the period during which the abortion controversy was supposedly (if you believe Karl Rove) destroying the viability of the Cain campaign.

You can read my response to the Herman Cain pro-life controversy here. It’s being blown out of proportion by several RINOs like Mike Huckabee, who is not by any stretch of the imagination a conservative, and isn’t even 100% pro-life.


Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee last year accepted $52,000 in speaking fees from a biotech giant that wants to research human embryonic stem cells, a non-profit working to expand access to the morning-after pill and a group pushing to study whether tightening gun control laws will reduce violence.

You know how I pick on Romney for being liberal? Huckabee is more of a RINO than Romney.

UPDATE: Here’s the song used in the campaign ad:

With lyrics. And they are good lyrics.

3 thoughts on “New Herman Cain campaign ad features his chief of staff smoking a cigarette”

  1. I think we have to learn how to communicate in a way that lefties and liberals understand and are not immediately confused or offended. Hermain Cain is proving all the time that he understands how these people think and what wave-length they’re on. It’s not about playing a political game, it’s about staying in the debate. Conservative ideas are regularly dismissed or misunderstood because of a lack of proper communication on the ideas.
    For instance, Hermain Cain’s ad will resonate with all Americans, whereas Krista Branch’s lyrics mean one thing to the right and something else to the left. Where it is obvious to us that government is the problem, to a lefty the one robbing America for political gain is the capitalist.
    Obviously as much as it is a political statement, it is still just a song. We must ourselves though take the time to understand how the let thinks so that we can communicate effectively if we are going to have any impact whatsoever.
    Instead of criticizing Cain and calling his wording gaffes, we should be studying him as a Master of Marketing Outreach.


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