Herman Cain now tied for second place in new GOP primary poll

The Cain Mutiny
The Cain Mutiny

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From the liberal Washington Post.


After a quick rise in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has experienced an almost equally dramatic decline, losing about half of his support over the past month, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Perry’s slide, which comes after several uneven performances in candidate debates, has allowed former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to resurface atop the GOP field. But the most direct beneficiary of the disenchantment with Perry is businessman Herman Cain, who is now tied for second place.

Among announced candidates — without Christie or Palin in the race — Romney leads with 25 percent, which is identical to his support from a month ago. Perry and Cain are tied for second with 16 percent, numbers representing a 13-point drop for Perry and a 12-point rise for Cain since early September.

Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) is the only other candidate in double figures, at 11 percent. Just behind him are former House speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.) and Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.), both with 7 percent. Gingrich’s support has held steady through the late summer. Bachmann’s numbers fell sharply after Perry announced his candidacy.

Former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.) and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman Jr. bring up the rear, with Santorum at 2 percent and Huntsman at 1 percent.

I would rather have Cain than Perry (can’t debate) or Romney (I think he is socialist, pro-abortion and pro-gay-rights), but Michele Bachmann is still my ideal candidate.

JUST FOR FUN: By the way, my regular readers know that I love wargaming, from squad level tactics (e.g. – Arma II), to combined arms (e.g. – Combat Mission), right up to multi-ship naval engagements (e.g. – Harpoon). I wonder if any of my readers can identify the ship in the cartoon for me. I think it is important for Christians to know a little something about war and counter-terrorism, even if it’s just reading Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn novels, and playing Harpoon. I’ll post the answer to the question at noon Eastern time in the comments with a link to the real ship.

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