Videos from the Monday night Tea Party Republican debate

Here are the videos of the debate on Youtube:

ABC News says Michele won, and I can’t disagree, since she is my preferred candidate, by far. Go Michele!


With her standing in the polls slipping, Michele Bachmann needed to find a way to capture the spotlight she held earlier this summer.

She just may have done that tonight at the Tea Party Express/CNN debate in Tampa, Florida.

Bachmann, the founder of the Tea Party Caucus in the House, knew her audience well and it showed.

Unlike former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Bachmann took a pass at criticizing front-runner Texas Gov. Perry on Social Security and she refused to weigh in on Perry’s comment last month that  Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke may be “treasonous.”

Instead she waited patiently to pounce on Perry when the debate turned to the issues she knew would connect with the audience in the hall.

She attacked Perry for his decision to require HPV vaccinations in Texas, calling it “a government injection through executive order” and a “violation of a liberty interest.”

She knows that while the Tea Party activists are not fans of the federal government, they don’t love big business either.

“We cannot forget that in the midst of this executive order,” said Bachmann, “there was a big drug company that made millions of dollars because of this mandate…The drug company gave thousands of dollars in political donations to the governor and this is just flat out wrong”

She also attacked Perry on illegal immigration – another issue that plays well in a GOP primary.

A longer review from the UK Telegraph emphasizes that Perry got beat up Monday night.

Ron Paul got booed for his foreign policy views:

More Michele in the latter half of this clip:

Christian philosopher Doug Geivett has another review of the debate here. He thinks Bachmann won, as well.

I think right now my candidates are 1) Bachmann and 2) Santorum a distant second. I really think we need to make Michele Bachmann the nominee.

9 thoughts on “Videos from the Monday night Tea Party Republican debate”

  1. That HPV “12 year old innocent little girl” thing is going to come back to bite her. She sounded like a democrat using an emotional scare tactic, and she was wrong to compare it to Obamacare, which requires you to buy insurance. It’s as if she just wouldn’t listen (or didn’t want to listen) to the fact that you could opt out of the HPV vaccine (by simply saying no). Not to mention, she implied that the person’s daughter she talked to afterwards took the vaccine under Perry’s mandate, which would have been impossible because it never even went into law. Why would she have brought this up if she didn’t know the person and was unable to validate what she had said? Irresponsible if you ask me.

    Here is an interesting blog post. If true, it really will make her look like a hypocrite:

    I hate to say it, but Bachmann is fading on me, and is in my opinion stooping to desperate levels I didn’t think she was capable of.


  2. I just want to clarify that I in no way support Perry’s decision on the HPV vaccine, and have little doubt that his staff person associated w/ Merck had prompted it to happen (probably had more to do with that than a $5,000 donation). All he can do at this point is say he was wrong, move on, and hope that voters won’t hold it against him too much.

    Also, when Perry said “If you think I could be bought for just $5,000” was he implying that he could be bought for something like a million dollars??


    1. Also, when Perry said “If you think I could be bought for just $5,000″ was he implying that he could be bought for something like a million dollars??

      My thought too. I like Perry pretty well, but when he said that I wondered how much he could be bought for. A statement like, “You think I can be bought?” would have been much better.


  3. I think Michele B lost big time, at least with independents and centrists. Myself and most people I know with similar beliefs have said that we will vote for Obama before we vote for Bachmann – if she should win the primary race I think it would gaurantee another win for Obama. I think this debate really showed the true Bachmann and I’m glad Perry is attacking her as a liar today (he’s not quite saying lying, but instead that she has no basis in truth).


    1. Well, of course you would vote for Obama. You are the one who is always raving about how much you like spending money, and how you love the 1.65 trillion deficits, and the 14.5 trillion national debt.


      1. Of course not – I didn’t say I was a member of the GOP:) I like balanced budgets and no deficits which is why I was never a huge fan of Reagan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and Obama. In the past 30 years, only one president has had a balanced budget – Clinton. All the other presidents have loved to spend – especially on the military. Other countries are investing in infrastructure (i.e., targets for our military:), education (produces educated targets for our military), science (Bachmann hates these people but good thing we have a big military), and other things budgetary items that make a lot of people rich while neglecting the majority of people (


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