Brian Auten of Apologetics 315 interviewed by… the Wintery Knight!

Brian Auten interviewed by Wintery Knight
Brian Auten interviewed by Wintery Knight

Click here for the interview on Apologetics 315.


Questions for WK:
• Why not use your real name?
• What’s the focus on
• What’s your goal in interviewing Brian?

Questions for Brian:
• How did you come to be in Northern Ireland?
• How did you get interested in apologetics?
• What would you do with unlimited funding to propagate apologetics resources?
• What arguments are the most persuasive for you?
• What arguments should we use with others?
• Do we need a million “one dollar” apologists, or one “million-dollar” apologist?
• How important do you think it is for apologists to focus on scientific evidences?
• How can the lay person get up to speed on these evidences?
• What’s the best way to make the case for the resurrection?
• Use a sledgehammer approach, or a velvet glove approach?
• What about psychological reasons for rejecting the arguments ?
• How does apologetics benefit Christians?
• What about dealing with fear when speaking with people?
• What are the unique resources on the blog?

The audio is 53 minutes long!

10 thoughts on “Brian Auten of Apologetics 315 interviewed by… the Wintery Knight!”

  1. Excellent interview! Very impressed. I learned a lot about you and Brian (good things mind you). This is actually my favorite apologetics 315 interview.


  2. Cool! I always wondered what you sounded like in person! (I’m one of those visitors who rarely comments but daily visits. Thanks for all you do Wintery.)


  3. I listened to the first 25 minutes of this interview on my way to work this morning and I can’t wait to listen to the rest on my way home today. It’s a nice balance of conversation between WK and Brian Auten. The two of them really have some solid insight into apologetics and our society, and some great ideas to share. I highly recommend you listen to the interview.


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