Planned Parenthood caught helping pimp to run underage sex-trafficking ring

Mary sent me this shocking story from National Review.


…[T]he actor playing the pimp literally walks into a New Jersey Planned Parenthood clinic announcing he is involved in sex work and that some of the girls are underage.The clinic office manager clearly gets the picture. Not that she’s being set up. But that he needs her help to keep operating. And she’s willing to help. He says he has a sexually transmitted disease and is worried one of the girls working for him may have given it to him. But he also has other service inquiries to inquire about.

And all of this seems like another day at the office for the Planned Parenthood clinic worker. Where she’s coaching this sex trafficker on how to get underage girls he indicates he is employing as sex slaves from Asia.

The clinic worker even assumes the girls are illegal. Watch the video. Do watch the video. She has no doubt what she’s dealing with in the scenario.

Here’s the video:

And more from the post:

Talking about underage girls at one point, she even offers her philosophy that an underage girl is “still entitled to care without mom knowing what the hell is going on.”

And apparently even if mom is far out of the picture and she’s slaving away for a pimp, birth control should be provided, abortions should be provided.

[I]n this particular Pert Amboy clinic, a sex trafficker was coached into how to make everything “look as legit as possible.” Coaching. “For the most part, we want as little information as possible,” she explained. The Planned Parenthood worker’s only obstacle to providing him the full “streamlined” services he wants to keep his business running is some auditing details she’s worried they could get caught on for abortions of these girls, in the country illegally, under 14 and 13, needing abortions. Saying – laughing — “You’ve never got this from me. Just to make all our lives easier,” she hands the pimp the name of another, non-Planned Parenthood clinic, which can get away with more. “They’re protocols are not as strict as ours, they get audited differently.”

When asked how long a girl might have to wait to get back to the work of the sex trade after an abortion, two weeks minimum is the answer. He protests, “We’ve still got to make money.” The clinic worker understands his predicament and so advises that the girls can still work “Waist up, or just be that extra action walking by” to advertise the girls who are still at full-body work.

Remember, Planned Parenthood, like ACORN, teacher unions, labor unions, trial lawyers, welfare collectors and abortion providers are all pillars of the Democrat party. If you like subsidizing the kinds of activities that these groups engage in, (e.g. – voter fraud, etc.), then by all means – vote Democrat. It’s very important that we understand what it means when someone says “I vote Democrat”. It means “I think that taxpayers should subsidize Planned Parenthood to assist pimps with their underage sex-trafficking businesses”. It’s practically in the Democrat party platform. And besides, Planned Parenthood needs to perform as many abortions as possible – that’s how they make the money they use to contribute to Democrats. It’s all about the money.

If you vote for Republicans, then you get all the immediate cessation of all subsidies for Planned Parenthood, and a ban on taxpayer-funding of abortions. Period. I am talking about the federal level here – the entire country.

There is a difference between the two parties.

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