NHS patients giving birth in waiting rooms

From the UK Daily Mail. (H/T Secondhand Smoke via ECM)


Women are being forced to give birth in a hospital waiting room because there are not enough beds in overstretched maternity units. Expectant mothers are going through one of the most agonising ordeals of their lives in a crowded seating area, while other patients look on. Campaigners last night warned that such an appalling standard of care is putting the health of women and their babies at risk. King’s College Hospital, in South London, has admitted that mothers ‘regularly’ go into labour in the maternity unit’s waiting room as there are not enough beds. Managers said the department is often so full that some women have their babies in the seating area – with nothing more than a temporary screen to protect their privacy. The hospital admits the unit is severely overstretched and there are not enough beds to cope with the increasing birth rate of the catchment area. But critics warn that the dire situation will soon be commonplace up and down the country as increasing numbers of hospitals close their maternity units to save money.

Remember Donald Berwick is Obama’s health care guy, and he loves the NHS. He wants the NHS for YOU!


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