5 thoughts on “John Stossel makes the case against gun control in 6 minutes”

  1. Thanks for posting that, I’ll check out the debate too. I’m starting to change my views on gun control :O
    Btw do you remember ages ago I asked you if could you could find some stuff social conservativism? You probably don’t remember and i haven’t really been commenting around the blogosphere much in the past few months but if you could still let me know if you find anything good that’d be great, thanks!


    1. Well the main issues are pro-life and pro-marriage. So you can read these:

      Pro-life: (see the links)


      Basically, you want Scott Klusendorf and Frank (Francis) Beckwith for pro-life stuff and Jennifer Roback Morse on marriage.


      1. Haha thanks, it’s great to be back!
        Had a really busy summer, was so cool :)
        Good to see your still around here, keeping the comments on this blog top quality as usual i hope!
        and thanks wintery, especially need to use some marriage stuff.


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