Canadian woman has miscarriage after 3 hour wait in ER

From the Prince Edward Island Guardian. (H/T The Way The Ball Bounces)


Losing her first baby was devastating enough but having to do it in a crowded waiting room is what angered Christine Handrahan the most.

The 29-year-old Peakes woman was nine weeks pregnant when on July 12 she started bleeding.

Fearing the worst, Handrahan and her husband, Michael, headed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s new emergency room.

There she waited more than three hours, blood seeping out of her jeans, tears rolling down her face as she feared she was losing her baby — or that she might be bleeding to death.

Still, she waited and waited.

More than three hours passed before Michael had enough.

Only one patient had gone through the big glass doors to see a doctor so he knew the wait was going to be extensive.

Michael helped his wife out of a wheelchair into his truck and they made the 45-minute drive to Prince County Hospital in Summerside. There she was immediately rushed into the hospital’s emergency room where the mother-to-be was told that she had a miscarriage.

[…]Handrahan says nobody at the hospital showed her any compassion.

“They could have given me a room to go in. Not necessarily a room with a bed. Even if it had been their TV room, or their lunchroom, or their closet. That waiting room was jam packed full of people.

“Somebody should have cared enough to say ‘Oh my goodness, you’re going through a miscarriage, do you need some quiet time?’ I was fighting my tears. I wanted a place to go cry.”

[…]Health Minister Carolyn Bertram maintains safety is not being compromised at the Charlottetown hospital.

Click through all 3 pages, until you have supped full with horrors, as the Thane of Glamis would say. And don’t worry, the socialist executive director apologized – although she would not say that the miscarriage was inappropriate. So we’re all good, right? Well, the bureaucrat is good – because she already got paid through your taxes. And no, you can’t have your money back. And good luck suing the government, too. They’ll use more of your tax money to overpay their defense lawyers.

But if you need an abortion or a sex change? No problem – then it’s free courtesy of Canadian taxpayers.

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4 thoughts on “Canadian woman has miscarriage after 3 hour wait in ER”

  1. “She came over and she apologized to me, and she said ‘I just wanted to tell you that it’s not that we don’t care,’” Handrahan recounts.

    Having worked at times in a grossly overworked environment, I just don’t believe that. When the work piles up and there’s no actions from upper management to fix the problem, there’s no incentive for those lower down to fix it at their level (not that they can).

    Not that that excuses them. A pregnant women walking into any hospital should be receiving… aw heck, our newspapers are full of this sort of crap. I remember a case that was the same except it was a broken arm, rather than a pregnancy at fault. That was a 2 hour drive (Gore to Dunedin I think).


  2. This is a sad story, and my heart goes out to this family. However, as a father of a seriously disabled daughter who often had recourse to our health care system (after a 31 year lifespan she passed away this past January), and having lived in three provinces, I have to say that we have never experienced any untoward wait times, and have nothing but good to say about our health care system. My wife had breast cancer 7 years ago and received immediate and thorough treatment in two provinces with absolutely no wait times, and I myself had a tumour in my head 20+ years ago with the same happy experiences. Of course, there are no problems south of the 49th with health care delivery, are there? sheesh.


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