Fox News documentary by John Stossel explains what’s great about America

Here are all the parts of the documentary. (H/T Timmy from Rational Theism)

Here’s the quick summary of what the documentary is about.

Part 1 of 6.

Part 2 of 6.

Part 3 of 6.

Part 4 of 6.

Part 5 of 6.

Part 6 of 6.

Happy Independence Day!

2 thoughts on “Fox News documentary by John Stossel explains what’s great about America”

  1. So much of journalism today is about sensationalizing what is wrong with America and Americans. I just watched your special on ‘What’s Great About America’ and want to thank you for shining a light on the compassion and generosity of the people who make up our nation. Negative visions get more press and create jaded images of who we are as individuals and as a country. It saddens me to think of the power of the press to persuade (sometimes taunt) members of a caring nation to believe they are less than good and not worthy of the dignity and respect that is rightly theirs. Again thank you for looking outside the box of politicized journalism and restoring our vision of who we are and who we can become.

    With gratitude,
    Donna N. Miles


  2. Ms. Miles is absolutely correct. It seems absurd to hear people rant on the “evils” of this country, particularly from anyone born here, when as Stossel’s presentation points out, there is so much that is obviously good about us. Even the most patriotic and jingoistic American will admit we are flawed and short of perfection, but for anyone to ever think there is a better place in the world is ludicrous. There might be a place better for an individual, for that individual’s personal reasons. But even then, that individual couldn’t say that place was better than the United States of America EXCEPT for those personal reasons. That is, it is only the best place for him.


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