NHS kills a man’s wife by delaying cancer treatment for 7 months

Story here in the UK Daily Mail. (H/T ECM)


As an experienced GP, Uday Pathak had good reason to trust his instincts and knowledge when his wife became ill.

The 62-year-old suspected she had cancer and urged medics to carry out an immediate full body scan. Tragically, they delayed for seven months and 54-year-old Pradnya later died of the disease.

[…]When the scan was finally carried out at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent, it showed Dr Pathak was correct all along.

Despite six months of chemotherapy, Mrs Pathak, a mother-of-two from Seabridge, Staffordshire, died in December 2008. She had been referred to the respiratory unit in May 2007 with a persistent dry cough.

Four months later, Dr Pathak said he raised the possibility his wife had cancer of the lymphatic system. But it was only in April 2008 that a body scan was carried out by the hospital’s haematology team.

Consultant haematologist Richard Chasty, who saw Mrs Pathak three days before her death, said she may have survived if diagnosed sooner.

The horror is that a man works hard as a doctor in a socialist country for his entire life, slavishly paying half his earnings to the government under the constant threat of imprisonment. They take his money and they spend it on other people who may not even be paying anything. And then finally he has need of care. His own wife, who he has sworn an oath to protect, is taken ill.

He turns to the people who have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars of his money and he asks them for help. And they deny him that help, because they have spent his money on sex change operations to change a prison inmate from a man to a woman, and then back to a man, in order to buy votes from coveted special interest groups who demand “equality” with those who are happy with their biological sex.

He is powerless to intervene to save his wife and must watch as his lifelong partner dies right before his eyes. He has no money to afford private care – it was all paid in taxes. He no longer has money to go abroad to the United States to get treatment, and it is in any case too late to try, anyway.

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3 thoughts on “NHS kills a man’s wife by delaying cancer treatment for 7 months”

  1. This sort of thing happens all the time in Canada. The US is much more aggressive when treating an illness. A Canadian doctor explained to me that in Canada, treatment is linear. First the GP. Referral to a specialist. Wait. See specialist. Order MRI (or whatever). Wait. Schedule appointment to see specialist about MRI. Wait. Referral to second specialist. Wait. See second specialist. Too late. You’ve got ____; you die.

    In the US, treatment is much more concurrent and compressed. Waiting serves the Canadian system because it spreads out treatment and defers costs to the future. If you die, the treatment is not needed.

    In the US, they want to treat you so they can bill you.


  2. Such a sad story, but this was a great post, WK.
    Just those three little paragraphs provided a great critique of the NHS in my country at the moment.

    Something that people have got to understand, though, is that once healthcare gets nationalised, there is absolutely no going back. It is political suicide to ever even say the ‘p’ word (privatisation) about ANY part of the NHS here in the UK. The NHS has been in since just after the second world war, and despite loads of conservative and centre-right governments in power of the years, even marge thatcher, the NHS has always maintained its nationalised status. It is SO much easier to take preventative measures than it is to try and reverse the whole thing once it’s happened. That’s why the republicans, i think, should have tried harder to campaign with public opinion across the country when the bill was being passed instead of saying, “when we get into power we’ll reverse this whole thing.”


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