New poll finds Canadians becoming more conservative and libertarian

Political Map of Canada

Story here in the Globe and Mail.


A survey by Allan Gregg of Harris-Decima and Carleton University’s Professor André Turcotte concludes that while a majority of Canadians identify with the “centre” position on the political ideology scale, this centre is increasingly embracing “traditionally conservative values.”

The poll says a plurality – or 47 per cent – of those respondents who consider themselves political “centrists” voted for the Conservatives in 2008. By comparison, back in 1997, 41 per cent of those self-identified as centrists voted Liberal.

“What is most surprising about these results is how mainstream conservative the political centre has become,” Mr. Turcotte said.

The survey found a majority of Canadians strongly agreed with traditionally conservative value statements on the morality of abortion, the definition of marriage as “between a man and a woman” and the supremacy of the family.


Separately, the polling identified significant support for Tory government’s handling of issues like the long-gun registry and global warming.

The poll says six in 10 respondents back the Harper government’s decision to abolish the long-gun registry. It found half of respondents back the Tory go-slow approach to fighting climate change. And six in 10 said the Conservative government is doing “just enough” to deal with the economic recession.

Mr. Turcotte said Canadians also appear to be losing confidence in government ability’s to use social engineering to fix economic inequality in Canada.

Only 31 per cent of respondents felt government action is the best way to solve economic problems.

You can read a nice comparison of the US and Canadian economies from the libertarian Cato Institute.

I know I have a fair number of Canadian readers, especially the regular ones from Winkler, Morden, Coquitlam and Calgary (yes, I saw you all in the live traffic feed – why don’t you e-mail me ever? I’m not going bite you!). Please leave me a comment about where the best place to live is in Canada, in case I ever have to move there at some point to find a job.

4 thoughts on “New poll finds Canadians becoming more conservative and libertarian”

  1. I do email you! You’re always behind on responding!

    I don’t know where the best place is to live though. Ontario has the most liberal voters, Quebec has a majority of Bloc Quebecois voters (separatist party), Alberta seems to be the most conservative I think, but they have a lot of oil there, BC is fairly green with all their hippies growin’ dope in the mountains, and Manitoba (where I live) seems to be somewhere in between conservative and liberal. But Winnipeg is a small city (less than a million), so I’m not sure how the job market is for software engineers. I do have a friend or two who are .NET and SQL developers so if you ever need help I could probably pass your name on.


      1. I lived in Calgary for 2 years while going to college. The chinook winds would bring +20 (or higher, celcius) in January, and then 2 weeks later it would be -30 or lower. Edmonton was one of the coldest places in Canada earlier this winter.

        You’re basically screwed unless you go to Vancouver on the west coast, where it’ll rain most of the winter, or the East Coat where you get unreal blizzards during the winter. Like, bury your house in snow type blizzards. Toronto might be better because it’s a bit further south, but you’re stuck in liberal land then!


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