Muslim gangs imposing sharia law in British prisons

Story from the UK Telegraph. (H/T ECM)


Radical Muslim gangs are imposing a form of sharia law inside some of Britain’s prisons, a BBC investigation has found.

Non-Muslim inmates at the high-security Long Lartin jail have been forced by the gangs to stop playing “Western” music and take down pictures of women from their cells, according to one former prison officer there. Prisoners at the jail, although allowed to cook their own food, are not allowed to prepare pork for fear of offending the Muslim inmates, the officer said.

The officer, speaking to Radio Five Live’s Donal Macintyre show, told how younger prisoners were targeted for forced conversion to Islam by the gangs. “They went along because they were intimidated.

[…]One Catholic prisoner who refused to convert was seriously assaulted after being repeatedly threatened by the gang, the officer said.

Now, as a Christian, I am asking myself “what good is it to coerce people to become a Christian?” The main thing about Christianity is that a person freely desire to be in a relationship with God. It doesn’t work if you use coercion. I’m sure that God could coerce people if he wanted to – he doesn’t want to. He wants people to respond to him freely. But I guess that sort of thinking doesn’t fit in with Islam, where all kinds of violence is used to force people to convert to Islam.I guess they don’t do too well with the love and the evidence, so force is needed.

For example, in this Times of India story, Hindus are raped in order to convert to Islam.

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