Gay rights activist convicted of manslaughter

Story from CBS News.


Bruce LaVallee-Davidson, an outspoken gay rights activist who publicly fought for gay marriage, has been convicted of manslaughter in a bizarre sex game accident that included drugs and guns.

[…]Police say that the shooting occurred while a third man, James Pombriant, was engaged in a sex act with Wilson in the dungeon-like basement of Wilson’s Colonial home in a middle-class neighborhood two blocks from the ocean.

[…]The case had garnered publicity because LaVallee-Davidson is a outspoken advocate for same-sex rights and was in a committed relationship when he testified in favor of keeping Maine’s now-overturned gay marriage law at a public hearing, four days after the discovery of the body of 50-year-old Wilson and a couple of weeks before he was indicted.

LaVallee-Davidson faces up to 30 years in prison. Pombriant was not charged in the killing.

My previous post on why people favor traditional marriage.

Comments will be strictly monitored in order to take Obama’s hate crimes law into account.

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4 thoughts on “Gay rights activist convicted of manslaughter”

  1. “Comments will be strictly monitored in order to take Obama’s hate crimes law into account.”

    In Canada, citizens face potential fines and even imprisonment for speaking out against sexual orientation.

    Persons should have equality before the law, but sexual behaviors should not. In the case of homosexuality, every homosexual should be free to marry — as he or she already is, with the foundational meaning of marriage rooted in human biology (male/female) and not trendy sexual orientations.

    Homosexual rights infringe upon the natural rights of a child to know and be loved by its father and mother. This is a deep, deep infringement. And the fact that secular society cares nothing at all about it speaks volumes about the debased nature of secular society.

    Being raised by one’s natural parents is first-class. Being raised by an adopted mother and father is a loving option when tragic circumstances necessitate, but it is distinctly second-class. But, being denied a mother or a father, and being subject to the absurdity of two fathers or two mothers, falls far, far, short of even this second-class arrangement — we have fallen off the cliff. Equality in law ought not to sought where equality in fact cannot possibly exist.

    Who would ever have thought that the commandment “honor your father and your mother” would end up being a controversial statement, stricken from the minds of secular society? In Ontario, children are now registered upon birth to Parent A and Parent B — father and mother are discriminatory terms.


    1. Isn’t it amazing how the real reasons why people oppose same-sex marriage are almost never discussed? Marriage is about the children, the children and the children. We need to do what is best for the children. I don’t want to make anyone feel badly, but children come first. They are the most vulnerable. And we must all make choices to take their needs into account.


  2. I totally agree with the above points, but I get more of an issue of gun control out of this story. How is the mainstream media treating this story? Regardless of what was going on in whatever basement, somebody handled a firearm unsafely (unsafely is an understatement), and now someone is dead because of it. Classic case of disrespect for a weapon.

    I grew up around guns and the first thing you learn is that you always, Always, ALWAYS treat a firearm as though it’s loaded. If you take your eyes off of it for even 10 seconds, you MUST verify that it is safe to handle before thinking to point it at someone (you really shouldn’t anyways). Heck, I don’t even like a gun that I KNOW is unloaded being pointed at me.

    One of the first steps you learn in rifle club is verifying that a firearm is safe to handle. And even if you verify that it is safe, and then hand the gun off to someone else directly, they MUST perform the same inspection routine before declaring it safe.


    1. I agree. I go to the firing range once a year to rent a firearm and refresh my knowledge of how to properly unload and safety a weapon. (I don’t own any firearms and did not grow up with them at all). And the first thing they tell you is that EVERY weapon is LOADED, whether it’s LOADED or NOT LOADED. They tell you to never point a weapon at someone unless you intend to pull the trigger. And NEVER put your finger on the trigger when doing things with the weapon. Many of the newer weapons have high-pressure triggers and multiple safeties, including trigger safeties, butt safeties, etc. Guns are not toys.

      I am opposed to gun control, but I think that people should have to pass a written exam when they renew their licenses. The NRA is actually a really good organization for promoting gun safety. I actually find gun safety a very useful and interesting thing to know about. Everyone should be able to pick up a discarded weapon and unload it and safety it. I highly recommend that everyone take a gun safety course as part of their annual trip to a firing range.


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