Record snowfall in Oklahoma City, OK and Duluth, MN

Story here from the Houston Chronicle. (H/T ECM)


Residents across the Midwest and the Plains who made it home for Christmas were digging out on Friday after a fierce snowstorm while those who spent the night in airports and shelters tried to resume their journeys. Meteorologists warned that roads across the region remained dangerous.

The National Weather Service said blizzards would hit parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin through Saturday. The storm had already dumped significant snow across the region, including a record 14 inches in Oklahoma City and 11 inches in Duluth, Minn., on Thursday.

Slippery roads have been blamed for at least 21 deaths this week as the storm lumbered across the country from the Southwest. Ice storm warnings and winter weather advisories were issued for parts of the East Coast on Friday, but the region was largely spared.

[…]Even residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area briefly experienced a white Christmas, their first in more than 80 years. Not since Dec. 25, 1926 — when 6 inches fell on Dallas and Collin counties — had the area had a true postcard-looking Christmas.

This doesn’t sound like global warming to me.

4 thoughts on “Record snowfall in Oklahoma City, OK and Duluth, MN”

  1. In the last week, the east coast was shutdown by a massive snow storm, Europe experienced a similar snow storm, and another one now hits various parts of America. I’ll tell you what … if this global warming keeps up, we’re all going to freeze to death.


    1. Unfortunately the simplistic misinformation spread about Global Warming has led some to believe it will act like turning up the heating in a home, with just continually warmer temps day, after day.
      However, the fact is that warming on a “global” scale, shall create weather anomolies by changing traditional influences, like warming ocean currents, changing, and even moving, and then severe local weather fluctuations will occur.
      Hotter summers, colder winters, as the previous temperature levelling factors are changeing.

      God expects us to care for his gifts to us, and the good earth is one of his greatest gifts, so it behoves all people of good faith to do their best to look after our home, as well as each other.
      If reducing our level consumption of the finite resources we have been supplied with, then I can live with that, and hopefully by taking responsibility now, my grandkids can live with the choices I make as well.


  2. The change from “global warming” to “global climate change” is problematic. As weather changes (warmer or colder), we attribute it to “global warming”. Or, to put it another way, it is an unfalsifiable claim. Weather ALWAYS changes. Interestingly, so is the “fix”. If the weather actually changes and we see the catastrophes promised by the global warming crowd, they’ll say, “See? We told you so.” And if it doesn’t, they’ll say, “See? Our attempts to save the world worked!”


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