Pro-life Democrat will vote for taxpayer-funded abortion in health care bill

Story from the Washington Post. (H/T ECM)


Democratic leaders worked for days to hammer out a deal with Nelson, and finally reached a tentative agreement late Friday night with him on abortion coverage provisions that had proven the major stumbling block to winning his support. Nelson also secured favors for his home state and to benefit different factions of the health-insurance industry.

Thirty pieces of silver.

The Weekly Standard comments:

Harry Reid has released the manager’s amendment that Ben Nelson has reportedly agreed to vote for, meaning that the Senate bill has 60 votes. The abortion language includes the phony segregation of funding language that was rejected in the House. It would allow individual states to opt out of the abortion-funding program–in other words, the default position is to pay for abortions; states would have to pass legislation to not fund abortions. But states where public abortion-funding is mandated by state court rulings would be required to pay for abortions…

If Nelson is indeed on board, then he just voted for Christian taxpayers to subsidize the murder of innocent babies. But Planned Parenthood will probably be happy and will no doubt offer many more political donations to Democrats in exchange for these new taxpayer subsidies to their booming business.

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