Please vote for Michele Bachmann for Caffeinated Conservative of 2009

Representative Michele Bachmann

I noticed this poll up at Caffeinated Thoughts where you can vote for the best conservative of 2009.

Here are the candidates:

  • Glenn Beck
  • Sarah Palin
  • Ron Paul
  • Edwin Feulner
  • Michele Bachmann

I endorse Michele Bachmann! Please go vote for her!

Here are a few of her best speeches and interviews

Defending capitalism, the Constitution and contracts:

And arguing against corruption and bailouts:

Arguing against government spending and inflation:

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6 thoughts on “Please vote for Michele Bachmann for Caffeinated Conservative of 2009”

    1. Well, I admire her greatly, and I think that she should be President, because she has 5 children, 23 foster children, she likes apologetics, and she speaks more clearly about family, marriage, small government and liberty than anyone. She just understands what is needed to get men to be interested in marriage and children. And she just loves her country and believes in the vision of the Founders more than anyone. Honestly, I cannot imagine how people could want anyone else to be president than her. She’s morally good and takes Christianity seriously, and that should excite every man.

      I think one of the worst things in the world that women have to suffer is always being judged on their appearance. I think that a woman like Michele should be able to talk and act her way into the hearts of every marriage-minded, God-fearing patriotic man, and it shouldn’t matter what she looks like. If Michele Bachmann were a giant pink elephant with horns, we would all still be morally obligated to admire and respect her. We would all admire her trunk and vote for her to be President. The only reason I keep posting her picture is to prove to everyone that she isn’t an angel, but a real person.


  1. How could any traditional, conservative, constitution-supporting, pro-family man not be attracted by everything about Michele Bachmann?! There is nothing phony about her. Her values are exemplary. She’s smart and witty. What more could you ask for?


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