EPA ignores Climategate and declares carbon dioxide a threat to public health

Story from Fox News. (H/T Andrew, ECM)


In the face of GOP opposition, the EPA on Monday declared greenhouse gases a danger to public health in a move that could pave the way for future regulation.

The administration also waved off concerns about the controversy surrounding leaked e-mails at a British climate research center, with the U.S. envoy to the international climate change conference in Copenhagen dismissing the flap as a “small blip.”

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said in a written statement that the finding, which declares carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases a threat to public health, marks the start of a U.S. campaign to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

[…]The meticulously timed announcement comes on the opening day of the Denmark conference, and could boost the administration’s argument that the United States is taking action to combat global warming — though Congress has yet to pass climate legislation.

[…]While administration officials have said they would prefer Congress take action on regulating greenhouse gas emissions, Republicans fear the EPA is prepared to act unilaterally to do so, buoyed by its latest finding. And they question the timing of the announcement.

They could bypass Congress entirely.

My previous story explaining the significance of Climategate is here.

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