Australian conservatives elect social conservative as new leader of opposition party

Story here from LifeSiteNews. (H/T Thoughts Out Loud)


Tony Abbott, the former federal minister for health and a pro-life Catholic, has won the leadership of the opposition Liberal Party of Australia, putting him in line for possible leadership of the country in Australia’s next general election.

The Federal Member for Warringah and shadow Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, was voted in at the party’s Dec 1st leadership convention, beating the incumbent Malcolm Turnbull by a single vote. The vote makes Tony Abbott the first social conservative to lead the Liberal party since the resignation of John Howard.

Abbott is known for his outspokenness on life issues.

[…]In 2006, as health minister, Abbott refused to allow the abortion drug RU486 to be made available in Australia, arguing that it was more dangerous to women than surgical abortion. This led to a conscience vote in which the House of Representatives deprived the health minister of regulatory control of the drug.

[…]Abbott has also opposed the use of embryonic stem cells and cloning in health research in another conscience vote, preferring continued use of adult stem cells. In family law, Abbott proposed a return to at-fault divorce to reduce the divorce rate, a system that required spouses to prove offences like adultery, habitual drunkenness or cruelty before a divorce was granted.

[…]In comments after this week’s leadership race, Abbott also blasted the current Rudd government’s climate change legislation, a key issue for parliament in the coming weeks, denouncing it as a tax grab.

The article talks more about some of his positions and accomplishments. Does this guy ever sound awesome! Would my readers from Australia, New Zealand, India and the Phillipines please comment on Abbott? It seems to me like Australian conservatives have selected the equivalent of Michele Bachmann or Maurice Vellacott or Edward Leigh to head their party. Wow!

By the way, in Australia, the conservative party are called the Liberal party, and they usually form a coalition with the National party. The secular leftists are the Labor party and the Green party. The leftists are currently in power.

2 thoughts on “Australian conservatives elect social conservative as new leader of opposition party”

  1. Now Rudd’s got some mud on his face to blot those boyish looks. I wonder who Rudd’s next unsuspecting target will be of his childish mannerisms after hearing of Abbott’s election? I mean, he’s already blasted an air hostie for failing to procure his ordered meal and, while on a visitation of troops in Afghanistan, he allegedly chucked a wobbly when no one could locate him a hair-dryer. (For the record, I do think this latter story was fabricated, but it is funny nonetheless.)

    On a somewhat related note, Abbot defeated Rudd’s Emissions Trading Scheme, handing the incumbent Government the option of a double-dissolution (early federal election) to which Abbot has said, in paraphrase if not actuality: “Bring it on.”

    I think I love this guy!


  2. I think many of us have gotten cynical about politicians on both sides of the spectrum who keep their “faith” under a bushel until an election or leadership battle is coming up, and then they wheel out it out to try and gain some conservative votes. Kevin Rudd, our PM, is one prominent Australian example and Joe Hockey, who Tony Abbott beat out in the Liberal leadership ballot, is another. Read a recent speech of Hockey’s here: it was a bit of a mess IMHO:

    Tony Abbott has worn his beliefs on his sleeve for many years and has been prepared to cop a fair amount of flack for it. You know what you are getting with him, unlike others.


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