Video of the second debate between Mike Licona and Bart Ehrman

I was browsing on Mike’s web site and found links to these videos.

Here they are:

4 videos in high quality, about 30 minutes each.

If you sometimes have trouble understanding what Habermas and Craig are talking about in their debates, you need to listen to this debate. Licona is taking a much higher-level view. He is basically selecting facts that NO ONE denies and not even talking about the evidence for them – instead he is spending his time arguing why the resurrection is the best hypothesis for explaining the facts, and why the naturalistic hypotheses are not as good. Craig spends more time proving the facts, but virtually no historian denies them.

If you like the debate, you can buy it here from $9.99 on 2 DVDs, with extra content – suitable for showing to larger audiences, like in your church!

You may also be interested in watching the debate between William Lane Craig and Bart Ehrman, or you can download the transcript here.

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