Great news! Illustra Media’s DVD of Craig/Hitchens debate out in late November

I just got an e-mail back from Illustra Media about the professional version of the Craig/Hitchens debate.


The debate DVD that you are referring to is now scheduled for release sometime in mid to late November 2009.  You can check on our web-site,, to see the latest information.  You should have no problem having it in time for Christmas.

I am very pleased with this news! I am hoping that I can buy a dozen copies for all my co-workers and friends. I notice that Amazon is already selling the Wilson/Hitchens debate on morality and meaning. I don’t like pre-suppositionalists like Doug Wilson, but he kicks butt in his debates with Hitchens. I think pre-suppositional arguments must be combined with evidential arguments.

Be sure and buy the other Illustra Media DVDs on intelligent design.

11 thoughts on “Great news! Illustra Media’s DVD of Craig/Hitchens debate out in late November”

    1. OH MY. This version is more like Unlovking the Mystery of Life and Privileged Planet. Illustra has film from the press conference, the pre and post debate interviews, as well as the whole debate itself!


      1. Dang. I bought the Biola version thinking that was it. I’ve watched it and, while Craig kills it, the editing and camera angles are pretty dry and well, yeah boring.


  1. Oh Wintery!!

    I love your blog, but you can’t go and say you hate presuppositional arguments! ;) Who have you read that gave you that negative view?

    Have you ever listened to the late great Greg Bahnsen debate the atheist Gordon Stein? You’d like that debate, methinks!

    By the way, the Hitchens/Wilson DVD is AWESOME! Wilson kills it many times over!


    1. Well – I heard that Bahnsen beat the living snark out of Stein, but I’ve never heard the debate. And I do use pre-sup arguments when I talk about the moral argument, because where are they going to get objective moral standards and free will from on materialistic determinism? I just think that the culture in a place now where they are really looking for physical evidence from science -it’s not that I read anybody, I just like physical evidence because I’m an engineer.

      I definitely will by the Hitchens/Wilson debate. Never saw anyone kick butt on this issue better than Doug Wilson in that written debate. He was totally on point all the time, with the fizzing. And he did well in that panel debate with Hitchens and Craig in Dallas at the Book Expo. Did you see the video for that?


      1. I did see the Book Expo discussion in Dallas. That was great! And you’re right, Wilson totally kicked Hitchens’ butt in their written debate. The DVD is totally cool and worth watching with or giving away to non-believers.

        Have you read Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God” or Greg Bahnsen’s “Pushing the Antithesis” or the Francis Schaeffer Trilogy? All presupper’s!

        You gotta at least download the Bahnsen/Stein debate here:

        It will cost you $4 for the debate…and you’ll love it!


        1. I don’t like Tim Keller because he is soft on evolution and I don’t think he is a conservative, either. I’ve read a ton of Francis Shaeffer including the Triology, but he didn’t dislike evidence arguments. I found his material pretty useful. I own his complete works in 5 volumes. I’ll get the Bahnsen/Stein debate.


  2. “I think pre-suppositional arguments must be combined with evidential arguments.”

    Of course, in order for you to rationally believe this, you have to first presuppose that your mind was designed by a rational being for rational thought!


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