Canadian Human Rights Commissions continue war on Christians

Story from Life Site News.


The Alberta Human Rights Commission has accepted a complaint brought against an Edmonton-area Catholic school board by a substitute teacher who was let go after she announced she was ‘becoming’ a man.

Janet Buterman, 39, had been employed by the Greater St. Albert Catholic School Board for about four months when, in June 2008, she informed deputy superintendent Steve Bayus that she was undergoing a ‘sex change’ and now wished to be treated as a man.

[…]Buterman maintains that she has a legitimate medical condition – gender identity disorder – and that the board has discriminated against her because of it.

[…]In Buterman’s opinion, the Catholic board does not have the right to let their beliefs enter decisions about employment.  “It appears to me they think they have a right to make employment decisions based on claims, tenets of faith,” she told the Edmonton Journal. “From my perspective, as a public employer, they do not.”

Buterman filed the complaint on October 1st, and the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission has accepted it on the grounds of medical disability, physical disability, and gender.

and one more:

The Alberta Catholic school board is not the only one coming under fire for upholding its Catholic faith.  An Ontario board was the subject of a human rights complaint last month because of its decision not to hire a non-Catholic.  In that case, the school board is asserting its right to hire teachers that espouse the Catholic values they are aiming to instil in their students.

Similar to what Obama is doing down here to Catholic schools.

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4 thoughts on “Canadian Human Rights Commissions continue war on Christians”

  1. As you note our Canadian HRCs are continuing their war on Christians, in the vein of layered human rights, where rights for gays, blacks or other multiculturalists trump Fundamental Canadian Charter rights of freedom of religion and freedom of association.

    People like former pastor Stephen Boissoin in Alberta have taken a decision against him to the Alberta Court of Queens Bench for a real court decision on constitutional grounds, and we are hopeful for a good resolution. But, that case masks as a free speech case.

    Buterman, and the case of the gay altar server Jim Corcoan v. Bishop De Angelis in Ontario are not free speech cases, but discrimination cases, and those cases are not as likely to fare well.

    Keep speaking out and pray for us up here. This battle is important.


  2. The State Government of Victoria (Australia)recently announced some changes to the Equal Opportunity Act which permits religious bodies to be exempt from under certain clauses.

    The Government marketed the changes to the religious communities under the heading of “Religious Freedom To Be Protected Under Equal Opportunity Changes“.

    Yet the problematic paragraph in this supposed protection is: “In relation to employment, the religious nature of the organisation or school will need be taken into account in determining whether a particular position needs to be filled by someone who adheres to that religion’s beliefs.”

    Which, bluntly, means “if the State government disapproves of your not hiring that wiccan or openly practicising homosexual or xx into that janitorial role of your Christian College, you’ll be slung before the courts on discrimination charges”. Paraphrasing mine.

    What is already occurring in Canada and elsewhere will occur also in our great continent of Australia, all under the guise of that lovely, innocuous sounding phrase, “equal opportunity”.


    1. My problem with these exemptions is that it marginalizes all opposition to certain views of moral issues as “religious”. If I made a secular case against certain behaviors and cited evidence, could I then be persecuted? That is not fair. Why not allow ALL free speech?


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