UK set to release 30 high-risk terrorists in order to appease future terrorists

The Times of India reports. (H/T ECM)


Up to 30 “high-risk” terrorists — including some of the most dangerous men in Britain —are due to be released from jail in the next year.

More are being freed in the wake of a ruling by Britain’s most senior judges that long sentences for terrorist crimes could “inflame” rather than deter extremism.

An analysis of appeal court cases shows that of the 26 terrorism cases it has heard, 25 have led to men with terrorism convictions having their sentences reduced. Others are being released because they serve only part of their term.

Think of the signals being sent to British intelligence when convicted terrorists are released early. And think of the signals being sent to the CIA when their operatives are similarly threatened here in the USA. What is happening here is that terrorists are becoming emboldened and law enforcement is becoming deterred from catching criminals. Why work hard when it accomplishes nothing?


4 thoughts on “UK set to release 30 high-risk terrorists in order to appease future terrorists”

  1. This is what happens when you totally surrender your soveriegnty.Over the years the brits have allowed themselves to be overrun by the enemy in the name of humanity. Now they have no choice but to appease. It’s already too late for them, but sadly that day is coming to the U.S also. Human rights, what a joke, a very sick one.


    1. I bet sensible contemporaries of Neville Chamberlain feel much the same way you do. I have hope that the UK can right herself. The good news is, sometimes when a ship lists badly, junk cluttering your decks can fall overboard…


      1. Hello, I live in the UK. We should have elections coming up next year, all being well. We’ll see what happens.

        Caught some of the Conservative leader’s speech (party conference) this p.m. but didn’t get a chance to watch all of it, so I don’t know if he mentioned this item. A lot of what David Cameron said played to traditional values. We haven’t made up our minds about him, although he is ahead in the polls; however, many people agree that it is high time for another party to govern.

        It’s very difficult to really say why these things (original post) are happening. Some must be for appeasement purposes, but there is also a general cultural shift going on throughout Europe — a leftist secularism and loss of historical identity. It’s changed a lot over the past 15 years. (I can tell you what it was like 30 years ago.)

        Your prayers for us in the meantime would be most appreciated. (Thanks!)


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