Obama administration threatens health insurance company for dissent

This AP story explains how a private company sent out a mailing explaining the effects of Obamacare on seniors.


“While these programs need to be made more efficient, if the proposed funding cut levels become law, millions of seniors and disabled individuals could lose many of the important benefits and services that make Medicare Advantage health plans so valuable,” it said.

It urged seniors to sign up with Humana for regular updates on the health care legislation, and encouraged them to contact their lawmakers in Washington.

But Obama doesn’t like it when people question his socialist plans.

In a warning letter to Humana, HHS said the government is concerned that the mailer “is misleading and confusing” partly because the company’s lobbying campaign could be mistaken for an official communication about Medicare benefits.

HHS ordered the company to immediately halt any such mailings, and remove any related materials from its Web site. In the letter, the government also said it may take other action against Humana.

A later post by Ace of Spades updates the story. (H/T ECM)

Let me explain how socialism works. Socialists tell you that you are not responsible for your life outcomes. They say that other people are to blame for your troubles. They get elected by sowing division, hate and envy among the people. Then they try to take control of the economy to reward the people who elected them, using the money from people who did not elect them.

But when you start to rob one group of people to pay off the groups who elected you, the victims of the theft start to debate with you. Maybe they stop producing as much as before, so that less is stolen from them by the government. And that’s when socialists like Obama start to crack down on dissenters – first with intimidation, then with coercion, and eventually with violence. That’s just historical fact.

Most countries realize their mistake before it’s too late. But if a country has placed an ignorant, arrogant, unqualified buffoon in charge, it may be a long time before that happens. That is the way the world actually works, and has worked, for anyone with eyes to see. And that is why even socialist countries like Sweden eventually have to pull back from the brink by cutting taxes, in order to get people working and having children again.

I recommend the book “The Road to Serfdom” by F.A. Hayek, and you can read a summary here. It’s the number one most recommended book on Human Events’ list of top books every conservative should read. Fascism is the natural endpoint of socialism, if it is not checked at the ballot box.


16 thoughts on “Obama administration threatens health insurance company for dissent”

  1. Canada for example, is another good example of a welfare state! I wish here in Portugal we could have the same social politics!

    Social politics of USA? No thanks!

    I see your point, however I don’t think socialism is the bogeyman. Both systems have advantages, we have to take the good things of each and form a new politics! Like the mixed scandinavian economies!

    You see my problem is social inequality, raising inequality and global poverty. These things are growing and much due to this free market economy, greed economy, lack of compassion world wide. Conservative economics help increase inequality!

    If someone in life is in trouble, the state (us) should help fix her life once again (get a job, etc). There is always a degree of a social state needed to help people live and recover from unfortunes. Not only that, everyone should have the right to a healthcare even if he or she cannot afford it, the same goes to a dignifying retirement pension… etc. But like I said before, we should be careful with the beneficts so they dont promote lazyness…

    Furthermore I think we should not at all confuse socialism and a welfare state with communism, those are totally different… and to say that a democratic USA who wants to have a more welfare state is risking communism is delusional! USA is the most anti comunist country in the world! That wont happen in the next 200 years!


  2. You mean: is there’s any way people choose to suffer by their will and choices?

    Simple answer: yes! specially when religious belief is around! :)

    But I don’t see what you are trying to prove here… most people suffering is not because they want to! People are unfair with each other. Money promotes this unfairness and greedy spirits. Greed causes innequality. A new system is needed, one which promotes generosity and compassion, not blind competition for money and resources. We need a system and a life paradigm which promotes spiritual growth instead of materialistic massification. Materialism is not the way.

    Poverty exists much because the rich want to get even richer.


    1. We need to make you read a book on economics, such as Thomas Sowell’s “Basic Economics” or Robert Murphy’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism”.


      1. eheh! I know… I lack knowledge in that field… I’ll put it on my agenda. I already bought Freakonomics and the Paul Krugman’s, Return of Depression Economics…


          1. Man… he won a nobel prize!
            If I want the truth I have to read both sides of the story don’t you think?


          2. Definitely, but who have you read on my side of the equation? Anyway, I prefer debates. The Milt Rosenberg radio show has some debates on economics.


          3. Al Gore won the nobel, too… That doesn’t carry a lot of authoritative weight anymore…

            And yes, it’s good to get both sides, but ultimately you should be using that knowledge to weigh the value and correctness, one against the other.


  3. What about people that make bad decisions for themselves, that affect their own financial outcome?

    Gambling? Drug use? Cheating on your spouse? Massive credit card debt? Committing felonies? I think that covers a very great majority of the issue.

    Do you interract much with homeless people and the poor? Most of them, in my experience, have at least a very good inkling, that a decision they made kicked off a series of very unfortunate events. Now a great many of the same people will also tell you how the “system” made their “little” mistake much worse than it “actually was.” But that’s a pretty normal human thing, to minimize your own faults and responsibilities and maximize others.

    Now there are other circumstances that we should be VERY concerned with… and indeed are and already have systems in place for.

    You mention that greed causes inequality. Doesn’t hard work/laziness also cause inequality? Do you know what percentage of the federal tax income comes from the top 5% of earners in America? Do you know what percentage of working adults pay no federal income tax at all in America?

    “Poverty exists much because the rich want to get even richer” is at the VERY best, an oversimplification, and there could be a great many other worse sources of this attitude.

    Ultimately, it’s also terribly unhealthy. I find that most people who spend a lot of time talking about that, not only don’t know a lot about how much good the rich do in charitable giving, but also in how they promote the overall health and improvement of large scale economies. It also serves as a sheild to avoid the discussion: What are you doing with YOUR money, rather than someone else’s.

    “Simple answer: yes! specially when religious belief is around! :)” Are you talking about vows of poverty, or trying to tie religion in as a cause of poverty?


    1. The BBC is run by the British state. Therefore, they must always come down on the side of big government since that is where their paycheck comes from. They are hard-core socialists and not objective in my opinion.


    2. A major flaw in the premise of that article, and ultimately how it might, but doesn’t contribute much to this discussion, is it’s VERY short term view on the economy.

      The government is capable of stealing from the future, to make the now look better, but make no mistake, that’s very real money at play, with real value represented, which must ultimately be paid back.

      You’re worried about the poor today? What about the poor tomorrow? Isn’t creating poverty down the road to alleviate poverty now a non-improvement?

      I’m further curious, how important do you think freedom, or individual liberty is?


  4. Lot’s of questions!

    “Are you talking about vows of poverty, or trying to tie religion in as a cause of poverty?” I was thinking about vows. Politics, culture and education are the guilty ones.

    “how important do you think freedom, or individual liberty is?”
    Very important, nothing that can endure time can be conquered by force.

    In spite reading this fantastic blog I still have a left wing tendency… and I am a very big fan of Thom Hartmann, an hard core liberal in the US (please don’t kill me) :)
    Nonetheless I think the left is in real trouble world wide because it is somewhat incompatible with this kind of globalization.

    James, sure many times it’s people bad decisions in life that are cause of their conditions but not always. Even then people deserve a second chance and “We” should help them (another Christian thing to do).

    For example, I live alone right now, I work at a factory which is going through a bad time and I don’t if next year my contract is going to be renewed… if not don’t you think that the “state” should help me until I get a job? It could take long… I have friends who can’t get a job right now, so it could take some time…

    To have a job should be an universal right.

    I still think there are limits to growth. Though money in the economy is virtually infinite, nature is finite… you have a fantastic clip on youtube about this. I have no doubts we need a new economy and welfare science… it’s only natural… things change.

    “You mention that greed causes inequality. Doesn’t hard work/laziness also cause inequality?” That doesn’t invalidate the first statement, it only adds more reasons.

    I have nothing against the rich, I am only against the poor, and definitely against greed, which in my opinion is enhanced by capitalism. Only education and a spiritual life, through cristianity, for example, can counter act this. Huge inequalities hurt my eyes… There are also rich lazy people and you know that.

    I don’t interact with the poor as much as I’d like, however I have a friend who works at the local social security and my opinion is that each case is a different case. Some people really do need help, in spite there are some who are really lazy.

    Let me ask you a question: How are you seeing job imigration from US to China? and how do you counter act this? How would you create jobs in the US?


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