Obama’s naive foreign policy increases likelihood of war in Middle East

The Wall Street Journal explains.


Events are fast pushing Israel toward a pre-emptive military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, probably by next spring. That strike could well fail. Or it could succeed at the price of oil at $300 a barrel, a Middle East war, and American servicemen caught in between. So why is the Obama administration doing everything it can to speed the war process along?

The article lists various elements of Obama’s weak stance against Iran, then continues:

[…]All this only helps persuade Israel’s skittish leadership that when President Obama calls a nuclear-armed Iran “unacceptable,” he means it approximately in the same way a parent does when fecklessly reprimanding his misbehaving teenager. That impression is strengthened by Mr. Obama’s decision to drop Iran from the agenda when he chairs a meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Sept. 24; by Defense Secretary Robert Gates publicly opposing military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities; and by Russia’s announcement that it will not support any further sanctions on Iran.

In sum, the conclusion among Israelis is that the Obama administration won’t lift a finger to stop Iran, much less will the “international community.” So Israel has pursued a different strategy, in effect seeking to goad the U.S. into stopping, or at least delaying, an Israeli attack by imposing stiff sanctions and perhaps even launching military strikes of its own.

How do you think Iran would respond to such an air strike? Their entire land force would be left largely intact. Do you think they are just going to take that and do nothing to retaliate? This is a nightmare.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s naive foreign policy increases likelihood of war in Middle East”

    1. Yes, Israel will strike Iran in self defense and why shouldn’t they? Iran told the whole world they wanted Israel illimated from the globe.

      Meanwhile Iran will have overwhelming support from everyone on the left which is all the major powers of the world including sadly .. even the United States now thanks to Obama’s administration. It is unclear how much of his world policy is strategy or actual lethargy. Frankly I do not trust a government which clearly shows no accountability at best and out right disdain at worst to the people who supposedly employ it. Would you keep your job if you talked to your boss the way Obama and his administration talk about American people who do not agree with his policies?

      I don’t care if the man is pink and purple pokey dot.. I do NOT trust his policies foreign or domestic!! And I do not appreciate being labled a racist for voicing disagreement with an elected administration!! We voted you in buddy and we can vote you out!! You work for us .. we do NOT work for you!!!


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