How death panels work in the British health care system

More horror stories about the NHS, from this Telegraph. (H/T Secondhand Smoke via ECM)


Patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme to help end their lives, leading doctors warn today. In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, a group of experts who care for the terminally ill claim that some patients are being wrongly judged as close to death. Under NHS guidance introduced across England to help doctors and medical staff deal with dying patients, they can then have fluid and drugs withdrawn and many are put on continuous sedation until they pass away.

In a socialist system, you have value to the ruling government only so long as you are supplying the state with funds. When you start to drain funds from social programs run by the state without paying taxes, then you have no value. (This is also why socialists oppose stay-at-home mothers)

The best solution to this problem is to have everyone pay their own way – no one cares more about your safety than YOU. The best way to get quality treatment is for you to spend your own money in a market filled with service providers competing to provide you with the best health care for the lowest price.

More NHS links from the National Review. (H/T ECM)

BBC:  “NHS workers knit to stay healthy.”

BBC:  “A woman who complained about her father’s treatment after he died in a Devon hospital has said she is furious the NHS has denied any wrongdoing.”

BBC:  “Prison food ‘beats NHS hospitals’.”

Wales Online:  “NHS desperate for doctors as visa rule changes bite.”

BBC:  The NHS has apologised after writing to a man to address concerns over his treatment — three-and-half years after he died.

Independent:  “The NHS must stop hiding behind complex bureaucracy.”

Times Online:  “NHS consultants, including experts in palliative care, were consulted as part of Mr al-Megrahi’s care.”

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