MUST-SEE: Bill Whittle explains American exceptionalism to the left

ECM sends us the next great video from Bill Whittle.

(Note: there is a vulgar reference at the beginning when he quoted Bill Maher)

This is compelling. I mean, this really floored me. This is an engaging video you will remember.

He analyzes four areas where America dominates:

  • Military
  • Economic
  • Scientific
  • Cultural

America is indeed exceptionally great. Without a doubt the greatest country in the history of the universe. I encourage all of international visitors, to watch this video and learn about why America is an exceptional country.

Hope you didn’t miss Bill’s last video on media bias at MSNBC.

College Republicans preparing list of leftist professors

Andrew sent me this article from Fox News.


The University of Toledo’s College Republicans are compiling a list of liberal professors who they claimed have a bias against conservative students.

The list will include professors who students say have let their political views interfere with the way they interact with students in the classroom.

UT College Republicans President Matt Rubin, a junior majoring in political science and public administration, said the list is not an attempt to bash professors who have liberal ideas, but instead, it is an attempt to speak out for students who may have been victims of the bias, which was then reflected in their grade.

This is controversial, but I am in favor of it. Suppression of conservatives and Christians on campus is one of my major concerns. In the meantime, I encourage parents to home-school their children using an old-earth curriculum heavily slanted towards the classics and mathematics. If the children go on to university, they should study mathematics, computer science, chemistry or physics.

3 thoughts on “MUST-SEE: Bill Whittle explains American exceptionalism to the left”

  1. I shared that vid on Facebook. It’s all stuff I’ve seen and heard before, but Bill does an excellent job making the argument again.


    1. He seems so happy and enthusiastic! It’s not just what he said, althought that was VERY well-done, it’s how he said it. It should give everyone pause. He invite me to be your friend on Facebook!


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