Hot Air and Michelle Malkin post new video of Michele Bachmann’s town hall

I am happy because lots of major blogs are saying nice things about my favorite representative Michele Bachmann. (You can see all my posts on her here)

In a new video from a town hall meeting, Michele slaps down an idiot heckler.

She starts out by trying to inform the audience of the perils of nationalizing health care, citing the recent story about the 4000 NHS patients who were denied hospital beds for giving birth. So they ended up having their children in all kinds of nasty places.

The Daily Mail wrote:

Tory health spokesman Andrew Lansley, who obtained the figures, said Labour had cut maternity beds by 2,340, or 22 per cent, since 1997. At the same time birth rates have been rising sharply – up 20 per cent in some areas…

‘It shows the incredible waste that has taken place that mothers are getting this sort of sub-standard treatment despite Gordon Brown’s tripling of spending on the NHS.

‘Labour have let down mothers by cutting the number of maternity beds and by shutting down maternity units.’…

The NHS employs the equivalent of around 25,000 full-time midwives in England, but the Government has promised to recruit 3,400 more.

However, the Royal College of Midwives estimates at least 5,000 more are needed to provide the quality of service pledged in the Government’s blueprint for maternity services, Maternity Matters.

At the same time almost half of all midwives are set to retire in the next decade.

Well, as soon as Michele cites this story, some silly heckler starts to babble something about how similar things happen in American hospitals, like the hospital in MN. So Michele immediately shuts him down with this: “I’ve given birth here probably more times than you, sir.”

Click through to see the video either on Michelle Malkin or on Hot Air. And notice the positive reactions from Michelle Malkin and Ed Morrissey.

Also, click here for a picture of Michelle Malkin AND Michele Bachmann. Aren’t they lovely?

2 thoughts on “Hot Air and Michelle Malkin post new video of Michele Bachmann’s town hall”

  1. That’s *awfully* presumptuous of Mrs. Bachmann…

    Doesn’t she know men can have children now? Doesn’t she watch teh Oprahs!?!!!/!1one!!


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