India rejects global warming alarmism

Story from (H/T Babalu Blog via ECM)


A split between rich and poor nations in the run-up to climate-change talks widened on Thursday.

India rejected key scientific findings on global warming, while the European Union called for more action by developing states on greenhouse gas emissions.

Jairam Ramesh, the Indian environment minister, accused the developed world of needlessly raising alarm over melting Himalayan glaciers.

He dismissed scientists’ predictions that Himalayan glaciers might disappear within 40 years as a result of global warming.

“We have to get out of the preconceived notion, which is based on western media, and invest our scientific research and other capacities to study Himalayan atmosphere,” he said.

“Science has its limitation. You cannot substitute the knowledge that has been gained by the people living in cold deserts through everyday experience.”

Methinks it’s time to review my investment portfolio.

6 thoughts on “India rejects global warming alarmism”

  1. This talks about 1m resolution pics of the artic area that your dear leader bush made classified (they showed the truth on arctic ice – that is missing):

    This is one of the links from above that is one of the formerly bush classified pics of norther alaska (disclaimer: if you believe global climate change is a myth, you will not want to look at these photos):

    I still find it hard to believe that you can think we have no affect on the climate – we dump billions of metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere (as well as many other gases and various pollutants) and to think it will have no affect. We even see the oceans turning more acidic from taking in all that extra CO2 – which dissolves the shells and bodies of many crustaceans…


  2. Jerry,

    What about the other end of the earth? The one with the expanding ice? Oh, and how’s that North pole shrinkage going these days? Possibly reversed?

    Oh, and how much CO2 is in the atmosphere? You used big words like “billions of metric tons”, and it confuses me, because I thought CO2 made up a scant 0.3% of the atmosphere right now, and of that 0.3%, only a tiny scant little amount is man made, and that the largest amount of CO2 comes from the oceans. And has that tiny itty bitty change from man-made sources been linked to any effect? There must be models that scientists have come up with that recognize the variables and are able to predict the future changes, right? I mean, the IPCC models haven’t been updated regularly when they grossly overestimate global warming, have they?

    Can you help me figure this out with your big words and your scientific proofs and stuff? It’d be especially helpful if you could show me how those evil neo-con zombie science-nazis skewed a peer reviewed study that showed global warming (or climate change, as the zealots with a clue have started calling it) primarily has natural causes.

    Thanks for your help,

    Someone Who Needs Jerry’s Help to See the Truth ™


  3. James,

    I’m assuming you’re using your sarcasm to hide your insecurities on arguing this issue? Just because your “god” said the earth will always be here won’t make it so.

    We have very good numbers on the amount of CO2 produced by the US – the EPA publishes the data on their site. We also know that China just started to pass the US as the worlds greatest polluter. So if everyone is dumping all this CO2 into the atmosphere, then it has to be going some place, right? Well I gave you a hint in my first post. Since I get the impression you’re not the brightest bulb in the pack, I will use a simple example.

    I have a marine tank, to maintain it’s calcium and alkalinity, I use the large acrylic tube filled with old coral skeletons and inject CO2 into the water via a regulator. It takes very little CO2 to to the water acidic, thereby dissolving the old skeletons and releasing among other things, Calcium back into the tank. Well, all that CO2 that is being dumped into the air either has to:
    1) float into space (we know this isn’t happening – Earth’s gravity is too strong to allow a molecule that large to escape)
    2) raise the percent CO2 in the atmosphere (Studies have shown this is happening – CO2 levels are the highest they’ve been in a long time, geologically speaking)
    3) something is acting as a sink and taking in a lot of CO2 – the Oceans are doing this and we’ve recorded drops in pH. (

    I challenge you to produce one link to a peer reviewed scientific journal (not fox news or the washington post, etc) that confirms a year after year growth in arctic or antarctic ice sheets, especially seeing as there has been very great photos of large sheets breaking off.

    Now this is just CO2, there are plenty of other pollutants we can talk about – say mercury, bromides, etc. You bible beaters love to try and focus on one small aspect of pollution, point to snow in saudi arabia and say see – look, massive weather changes, it’s not global warming…d’oh.


      1. I stand corrected on the antarctic ice, but here is a nice article that shows global warming is not a myth:
        a quote from the article:

        These unique satellite spectrometer data collected 27 years apart show for the first time that real spectral differences have been observed, and that they can be attributed to changes in greenhouse gases over a long time period,”

        I wouldn’t mind changing the argument either since global warming has become such a political hot topic that republicans feel obligated to bash and ignore and dems feel obligated to be just the opposite all the while issues like rising mercury levels, PCBs in our water (along with perchlorates), rising levels of bromides in breast milk, etc., get ignored because real issues become political fodder. But because of political allegiances, many completely ignore what are becoming serious issues.


        1. I am open to being convinced on those other issues. When I was pumping iron in earnest, I was warned by my doctor not to eat too much canned fish (protein!) because of mercury levels. Some fish are particularly bad.


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